September 2014, Erica featured in The Age; Seven secrets to successful op shopping

April 2014, Erica featured as Cut Out + Keep's weekly Fashion Superstar

November 2013, Recycled Fashion made it to the list of 7 Best Blogs for Refashioning Your Clothes.

November 2013, Recycled Fashion won Ettitude's 2013 Online Eco Hero Award
May 2013, Erica featured as Nuffnang's 'Featured Blogger

March 2013, Erica featured in The Ecologist, in an article entitled Hand-me-downs

30 April 2011, Erica featured on national Australian TV; Coxy's Big Break for Melbourne Op Shop Tours

April 2011, Erica featured in the Bayside Leader newspaper for Melbourne Op Shop Tours

Review of Erica's Bayside Op shop tour written by BookGrrl here, and A Little Boutique Near Home here

Leader Newspaper

In December 2010, Erica appeared live on the ABC radio station, discussing a sustainable approach to buying second hand and recycled gifts for Christmas.

August 2011, Erica featured in The Age, Sunday weekend M Magazine supplement for Melbourne Op Shop Tours.

December 2012, Erica featured on the Ethical Fashion Forum's online Source Magazine:

Upcycling Gone Global, T-Shirt Restyles
5 Tips for an "Op Shop" Upcycling First Timer

Erica's events, talks, tours and workshops

In July 2012, Erica taught an upcycling workshop for children.

On Saturday 4th August 2012, Erica presented a talk 'upcycle your clothes' at Boronia Library, Melbourne

In February 2013, Erica's will be leading the next Melbourne Bayside Op Shop Tour

In August and September 2012, Erica upcycling classes at LanewayLearning,with more planned for the future.

Further upcycling events and op shop tours will be arranged shortly

Online Features

Upholstery patch dress featured on Recyclart and we upcycle

Featured on CraftGossip here, here, here, here , here, here, and here.

Beaded sandals DIY featured on Cut Out + Keep here

Featured in top 100 green blogs for students

Voted '50 Fabulous Blogs For Green Fashionistas'

A little love for the handmade 60's dress on Seamingly Smitten, and skirt to top refashion here
$2 tablecloth dress featured on ColorBlind: Thrifters Anonymous

Interview on Ethical Fashion Bloggers

Featured as Greeny Crafter 4 on Green Issues by Agy

Runner up on Project Recycled

Project Recycled


Anonymous said...

Please provide a link so that we can view your segment on Coxy's Big Break.

I have missed it tonight and I am devastated. I will truly not sleep s resut.

I had it diarised for about a month. I knew it was happening this morning. I mentioned it to my hubbie to remind me (he is in the poo) and we got busy cleaning up our op shop finds from shopping today and bloody missed it.

Please tell me how I can view it.

Anonymous said...

Did you tape your December 2010 radio segement? If yes, can you please post a link on your blog to listen to this.

Also, can you post a link to your featured segement on Coxy tonight. I missed it.

Thanks Karen

Unknown said...

Anon - so sorry you missed it!!! I am going to be sent a DVD this week, and will have to figure out how I can transfer it to youtube or something. I'm not that technically minded, so will have to seek help to do so, but will try to post ASAP!

Unknown said...

This was the link to my December 2010 radio segment, but it doesn't appear to be working now :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks Erica from Anon, you are a gem to have tracked it down. I loved the segment but it was too short! Would love to have seen more. Coxy could have done a whole show on op shopping! Does anyone in the op shop world know anyone in TV who op shops? This TV contact could present the idea to the networks. What do you think?

Unknown said...

Anon. Thanks for your nice comments. I think you're right, there is potential for a whole show/series on op shopping; going 'behind the scenes', talking to the staff, regular shoppers etc. The thought crossed my mind too..

Anna said...

Hi, amazing blog! i too am completely obsessed with second hand shopping! the benefits are so worth a bit of hunting around. you may also be interested in the blog

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

I've featured one of your refashion projects...I was going to email you a link (I've found that leaving links in comments makes them go to spam..) but couldn't find a way to contact you! :(

Anyway, my email is mrshelenstafford {at} yahoo {dot} com.

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

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