Vinnies Winter Style Challenge

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm no stranger to a St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria (Vinnies Victoria) fashion challenge. It all kicked off with the New Year New Style challenge over a year ago, when Vinnies sent a $50 gift card in the post for me to find a collection of pieces to add to only 10 fashion items I could choose to wear over a two week period. More on that here.

Fast forward a year and a half and the Vinnies team asked if I'd like to participate in a smaller challenge to find a winter outfit for 20 dollars. Sure, why not.

The hardest part of any Vinnies fashion challenge, is finding things in a short space of time. The small window of opportunity I had would be with my 3yo in tow. Totally fine until he starts hiding within the clothes racks and I lose him for a few minutes. Fun times.

Anyway, he found a Peppa Pig toy and stayed put for a little bit while I browsed the racks as best I could.  Interestingly enough, it was my 3yo who found this jacket for me. He picked it out and said "I like this one Mummy", and you know what? He chose well.  I like it. $8 down.

Next up, I'm short of a bag to hold enough of my stuff when I'm out with the kids. I'm not talking about handbags as such, but rather tote bags with enough room to hold drink bottles, tissues, a change of clothes, toys, cardigans, cameras, phones and the rest. You know what I mean. Anyway, I found this pink tote and I love it. It's a brilliant size for the aforementioned, and so colourful. Again, $8 down.

I'm then left with $4 for which I can find an accessory maybe, or a purse. But you know what? My little guy did good to hold out, and his Peppa Pig was priced at just under $4, so I figured why not treat him, and so I did.

Thanks Vinnies for the opportunity, I look forward to the next challenge!

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