Help Vinnies Warm Up Victoria This Winter

Friday, June 10, 2016

The crew behind Vinnies Shops have spurred a movement to encourage you good people of Melbourne and beyond, to donate your winter gear in the Vinnies Victoria's Winter Warm Up.

Believe it or not, Vinnies Shops experience a shortage of quality winter clothes and accessories. When the cold weather arrives, much like now, many stores struggle to keep up with the demand.

Now we are in the midst of Victoria's cooler weather, Vinnies Shops ask you and fellow Melburnians to dig deep into your wardrobes, and donate your best winter woollies. Donated goods are either given directly to those in need, or sold in Vinnies Shops where profits fund local welfare and support services.

We all tend to hang onto things we just don't need or wear anymore, clothes that could be of use to someone else. So whether you've got an old coat that hasn't seen the light of day for a few years, a few too many winter scarves, or a woolly jumper that doesn't fit, now is the time to donate.

In order to spread the word, with the aim to get more donations into Vinnies Shops, I have delved into my own wardrobe, to see what I can part ways with this winter, and why.

Item 1. Army jacket
Where from: Friend gave to me, she found it packed in a box filled with electrical goods!
Why am I donating: I can't button it up! Alas too small for me.

Bye-bye Army Jacket.  Photo by Mr.7 (hence 'rainbow' thing)

Item 2. Black ankle boots
Where from: Second-hand from Vinnies. I bought these boots (below) to replace another pair of thrifted black boots that I wore to death.
Why am I donating: I've got way too many boots in my possession, so it's time to say goodbye.

B-bye boots.  I hope you find a nice new home.
What would you donate to help Vinnies warm up Victoria this Winter?  If you are VIC based, scour your closet and see what you can find; Vinnies Victoria will love you for it.


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