Reasons Why You Are Rubbish At Thrift Shopping

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Attempted but failed to second-hand shop? This is why

Bad lighting, musty smells, and aisles clogged with sloppy merchandise. If this is what you think about thrift stores, then probably you haven’t taken your time to visit one lately.

Thrift stores, charity shops, op shops; call them what you will, are all great alternatives for anyone who loves to find a bargain, or prefers to buy pre-loved over new for ethical reasons.

Want to add extra items to your wardrobe without spending a fortune? You know thrift shopping is the way to go. You can score countless pieces on cheap while playing your part to help the community and decrease environmental impacts. Though thrift shopping makes some folk feel proud of the bargains they find, others, maybe you, flinch at the thought of spending your money on castoff items.

Why You Are Rubbish At Thrift Shopping

#1-You avoid regular visits

You only becomes a master or an expert at something, when you practice. The same applies to second-hand shopping. If you don’t visit thrift shops regularly, then yes, you may not find anything, so you think you are out of luck. Visit regularly, and you will have more opportunities to find something suitable.

#2- You don’t hunt for quality fabrics and brands

With low prices on every item in such stores, the ultimate reaction would be to fill up with your cart with anything that catches your attention. Random selection is not always a wise choice. Remember that if you merely skim through clothes, you won’t pick out quality. You have to take your time and dig deep to spot the hidden quality gems. If in doubt, take a friend who knows what to look for.

#3- You are too lazy to shop at thrift stores

Lazy? Yes, because fast fashion is so easily accessible, you ask yourself why bother shopping second-hand, when you can buy new fashion for the same cheap price. Unfortunately, fast fashion outlets sell low quality garments, which often fall apart. If you think thrift fashion is not premium quality, ask yourself why top brands are donated, and still remain in tact? Particularly true vintage fashion, which lasts the test of time. When you choose to buy fast fashion over quality second-hand, you may aswell throw your money away. Don't fall into the all-too-easy fast fashion trap.

#4-You are scared to think outside the box

To avoid shopping for anything slightly different, you head over to the nearest high street shop and take note of the latest trend. Don’t look like a high street clone, try a new style or colour that you wouldn't usually. Remember that fashion moves in cycles, so what you think looks outdated, probably isn't! Besides, fashion trends aren't for every shape or size. Dress for you, not other people.

#5- You can't see past the first appearance

You should know that appearances can be deceiving. There is a high chance that you are bad at thrift shopping because you can't look past the first appearance of a garment. Don't pay too much attention to a garment's size label. Remember that brands vary in sizing, and clothing can also shrink in the wash (bonus for you, because second-hand fashion comes pre-shrunk and won't change again!). Also consider that different clothes with different styles have variable textures. Try on something first, before dismissing it due to the size label. Sizing aside, you might knock back a fashion piece because it bears a small hole, or needs to be hemmed to fit you. Again, don't dismiss for such reasons, even if you can't repair clothes or hem yourself, you can pay someone a small fee to do it for you.

Master the art of second-hand shopping and soon you'll be thrifting like a pro. Take your time, visit regularly, pick out the best or left-of-the-middle garments, and you can easily fool people into believing you bought your current outfit from a lavish mall or outlet. Others can do it, so why should you be rubbish at thrift shopping?  Get out there and op shop with the best of them. 



Unknown said...

Exactly what I tell my friends! They moan they "never" find anything worth buying in op shops or recycled clothing stores. I ask when they visited one last and it's usually a year or so back. When I have time I visit them weekly, sometimes more often, and I nearly always find something I love. Once you've been through the racks of your favourite shops a couple of times it becomes easier to spot the new items. I usually find that when I go looking for a specific item I don't have much luck, but when I go for a general look, the goodies jump out at me! I have some fantastic pure wool coats, one of which I wear almost daily in winter, that were a fraction of the price I'd pay new. The dearest one cost me about $55 (the one I wear all the time) and the cheapest $13 - and that one is one I am regularly being told if I ever want to sell it, they want to buy it! I got a near-new pair of stretch jeans for $5 and a floaty top for $7 and whenever I wear them I get people asking where I got them from. The only things I buy new now are underwear and socks and I adore the items I buy from op shops. My husband loves finding a bargain too - when we went on holiday a few years ago he bought three pair of long trousers and four shirts and spent about $50!

Unknown said...

Exactly Faye! That's a good point, too. There's no point going op shopping with a specific item in mind, the surprise finds are the best! Thanks for reading :)

Judy Lawrence said...

I remember when op shops WERE smelly and musty and disorganised - only the intrepid (like me) got the bargains! Now a lot are oversorted and overpriced...I cringe at what might have been thrown out because the volunteers prefer nice new chain store things. I buy most of my clothes from oppies, too. Much more fun than chain stores, although you do need to be aware of what's out there...

Patti said...

Great post, Erica. I volunteer at a thrift shop and buy most of my things there. It amazes me what beautiful clothes are donated! I do shop new on occasion, when I want a very specific piece, but second-hand comes first : >


Kezzie said...

I totally agree! I always find amazing things!!x

Unknown said...

So happy to find your blog, Erica!

All my clothes and most shoes come from second hand shops. Some findings I refashion or upcycle totally to new designs.

In my recent visit to Vinnies charity shop I saw amazing garments! Retailer shops can only envy the lovely designs and variety that charity and op-shops offer! Love your article!

Cheers from a fellow blogger from Perth, WA;)

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