New Year New Style Challenge Vinnies Victoria: Day 1

Monday, February 1, 2016

Today is the first day of Vinnies Victoria's #newyearnewstyle challenge. For two weeks, I must wear only pre-loved clothes. The catch? I've only got 10 items to choose from, although I can accessorise from my own wardrobe.

This is it. The ten pieces of clothing that I've chosen to wear over the next 14 days:

1 x jeans (white, I might add)
1 x shorts
1 x long sleeve top
2 x sleeveless tops
1 x skirt
2 x dresses
1 x cardigan
1 x leggings.

Everything is second hand, most of which is from St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria (Vinnies Victoria), with a few extras from my recycled fashion wardrobe. Accessories will be my best friends.

Day 1 #newyearnewstyle

Day 1 of 14: Photo by Mr. 7. "School Run!"
chosen to wear: white jeans + cardigan + white sleeveless top

accessories: puma slip-ons + pink belt + grey dot scarf + sunnies


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Kitty Greene said...

I only ever wear second hand from charity shops/boot sales, so this would be an easy challenge for me !

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