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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brace yourself readers, I'm going to talk about periods.  Yes, the menstrual taboo.

:: Uh-oh ::

That time of the month, is and will always be, a nuisance.  No woman, anywhere, particularly enjoys parting with money for sanitary goods.  I mean, who wants to buy disposables that end up tossed in the bin, which then work they way into our already-chockers landfill sites?  Not I.

Disposable tampons and sanitary towels are a necessity for us women, yet they were addressed as some sort of luxury item in 2015. Ridiculous.

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of alternatives, except for washable pads or cups - that's if you feel game enough.  However, Modibodi revolutionary new underwear idea aims to say goodbye to (some) disposable sanitary needs.

Australian designed Modibodi undergarments are designed to take away moisture from your body and keep you dry and fresh.  Does this mean you can wear Modibodi underwear without the need to buy sanitary protection?  Sort of. You see Modibodi underpants are designed using absorbent fibre technology.  The top layer wicks away all the moisture into the absorbent middle layer, so you feel super dry, and the bottom layer is leak-proof.  Pretty nifty eh?


Modibodi mailed a pair of undies to me for a review. Quite frankly, my Modibodi undercrackers are the most comfortable pair I own, and I will say, with a hand on my heart, I intend to buy more.  Without going into the all the details, I found that I did need some extra sanitary protection of the disposable type, but not as much as I would use if I didn't own a Modibodi pair of undies.  I reckon, if I owned more than one pair, I'd easily do away with more disposables.

Modibodi do actually suggest wearing undies in conjunction with your usual sanitary protection, which reduces the potential for a leakage embarrassment.  I'd second that, at least when you first try a pair, then you'll know what you can get away with.  For lighter periods, you could do away with sanitary protection altogether.  How awesome would that be.

Modibodi underwear is also designed for active wear and maternity.  Protect your dignity with protection against bladder leaks, milk stains, sweat and odour.  Bonus points for Modibodi's revolutionary underwear designed in a stylish non-granny-knicker fashion, too. Think boy-leg, bikini, lace, active brief, and sensual hi-leg, ladies.

Modibodi undies start from $22.50. Shop your style, size (from 8 to 18) and colour online at Join the underwear revolution with Modibodi, and say goodbye to embarrassing moments.


Im.HeartGem said...

Sounds like it would be a great garment for light bladder leakage too but the price of "starting at" made me pee my pants! YIKES!

Luce said...

Hi Im.HeatGem,
Our products are great for light bladder leakage and are made to last! Our quality is outstanding and products design and made in Australia. - Modibodi

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