5 Reasons To Love Facebook

Monday, January 18, 2016

Facebook gets a pretty bad rap. Some folk think of Zuckerberg’s social media platform as a time waster, many curse being marketed to, and others spend their day whinging about other people’s statuses.
We’ve all got that one friend who publicly announces their Facebook exit “Ok that’s it, I’m closing my Facebook account to socialise with my friends the old fashioned way” or simply because “I don’t want to see another post about a Kardashian”. Fair points, but, we live in a digital world my friends, and social media is already ingrained into our future.


The way I see it? Zuckerberg created a unique way to connect with others, on a global scale unlike anything else. Facebook has become such a phenomenal part of our everyday lives, it is as common to ask "Are you going to Facebook that?” as it is to say “I’ll google it”.

Yes you can get lost in a jungle of celebrity bullshit posted by media pages, but the ‘unfollow’ button is there for a reason – use it. I give you my 5 reasons to love Facebook:

1. Buy, sell and swap pages

Do you belong to any? If you don’t, and you read Recycled Fashion, you’re missing out on some serious pre-loved bargainalia. Look for buy, sell and swap pages local to your area by tapping the right words into your Facebook search bar. Quite often, you’ll need to be ‘approved’ by an admin of that group to join first. Once you’re in, you can buy, sell and swap all manner of weird and wonderful things, and best yet, there are NO selling fees. If you are a fan of a certain fashion brand, you can join buy, sell and swap pages specific to your love. Only last week I sold a baby change table and an outdoor side table. In the same week, I purchased a sofa-bed and a pre-loved Gorman shirt. All of this happened within a 20km radius, just like one big local garage sale.

2. Keeping in touch with distant friends

Some might say not to post too many images of yourself or your kids, I get that, it’s a concern. That’s why you’ve got to check your Facebook privacy settings. As a parent myself, seeing my distant friend’s posts of their kids is one of the reasons I love Facebook.  Some of my friend's kids I’ve never actually met because we're separated by the seven seas. Thanks to Facebook, I still get to see my friend’s children grow, change and mature into young adults. I also find it interesting to see what families get up to in other parts of the world. Who knows, one day, I might even meet my distant friends again – at least then we will know what each other’s kids look like, and know a little bit about them.

 3. Virtual travel experience
Do you post photos of your family vacations? Are you the envy of your Facebook pals because you post images of beautiful beaches, mountain treks, and foreign food?  Good. I like you. I adore travelling, and when I’m not visiting a far-away place, I enjoy nothing more than seeing my favourite people holidaying in interesting global spots. This also adds to my own travel research when considering where my own family's next trip will be.

 4. Community groups 

Facebook community groups are brilliant. Find a group with similar interests to yours and you can discuss all manner of things with people you don’t know.  This might sound a bit weird, but such groups can be incredibly supportive and helpful. If you’re interested in thrift shopping for example, you’ll find groups to join and talk about the bargains you’ve found. You might be interested to know there’s an Australian I Love To Op Shop group with over 11,000 members.  If you enjoy blogging and writing, there are similar groups you can join and discuss such matters.  There are health support groups for all types of ailments, and groups about Paranormal if you like that sort of thing.  Like cats?  Join CatSpotting - you'll thank me for it later.

5. Fantastic tool for business 

Business folk talk of Facebook becoming increasingly difficult to reach audiences. This is true because Facebook now asks for money to ‘boost’ Facebook posts.  When you pay to boost your post, you reach a larger number of people – this is why you see ‘sponsored’ posts appear in your Facebook feeds.  However, if you manage to gain and maintain an active community within your business Faceboook page, Mr Facebook likes this, and you will still reach a lot of your Facebook ‘likers’ with your posts.  Keep up your Facebook page activity, and see how this benefits your business. If you’re new to Facebooking for business, there are plenty of articles you can find online to give you tips and guidance.

5 ¼.  Cat videos

Cat videos on Facebook are the best.  No argument, sorry.

Do you love Facebook? Hate it? Why?

Blog post inspired by this article shared on Facebook



RJ Bowyer said...

Ha! I've got a friend who's exited Facebook TWICE. She's recently returned again:)

Unknown said...

Hi Erica, I love all these things about Facebook too, I should utilise them more- so glad I could inspire the good feelings and a new post!

Gail said...

Hate facebook.

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