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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mariana from Plymouth (UK) based International Social Enterprise; The Ocean Corner, flagged her creative fashion upcycle project to Recycled Fashion's Facebook Page recently.

Buoyant Hats is a project that unites the ocean with people. The Ocean Corner's hat upcycle project collaborates with local, national and international individuals to use beach waste in a creative way.

Decorative materials used: fishing lines, electric cables, rubber fish

Mariana contacts beach cleaning communities within the European region, and asks them to exchange found marine debris by post so that she can use them for her vintage millinery makeovers.

"Blue Chaos"
Decorative materials used: dry seaweed, fishing net mess, bicycle tyre, fabric cloth, and bird skeleton

So far, 9 different European countries and various coastal areas within the UK have contributed to Mariana's interesting and beautiful initiative that uses the aforementioned debris to create striking hats with a trashion influence.

 "I feel like travelling today!"
Decorative materials used: rope and fishing lines

Hats are available to buy through The Ocean Corner's website with 50%  profits going toward new social and environmental initiatives and supports Shekinah Mission charities.

"Chispas de Mar"
Decorative materials used: fabric, sea glass, plastic knot and plastic net

Should you wish to make your Buoyant Hat, you can join one of Mariana's workshops and make your own design (BYO vintage/second hand hat) over a course of 4 weeks (10 hours total).  For more info on marine debris creative workshops head here.

 The Ocean Corner - Image via Facebook

You can also follow The Ocean Corner on Facebook to receive updates on the latest news.


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