Space Invader Tee Refashion

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I almost missed this Space Invader Tee, hidden amongst the children's clothes in a local Op Shop. Wouldn't you know it, Space Invader Tee is an adult size, and cost me a big fat 50c.

:: Space Invader Tee ::

I didn't bother trying on Spade Invader Tee, I rarely do for that price, because if it didn't fit, I could always make a grocery bag out of it.

Anyway, the Space Invader Tee did indeed fit, although I felt lacked interest, so after a quick scissor snip, I now have a Space Invader Vest, with a side tie for added interest.

:: Sleeves and neckline removed ::

:: slit for side tie ::

In another news, it has been announced that Recycled Fashion has reached the 'Top 100 Green Initiatives 2015' list prepared by Green Match, making it to number 5 of the 'Top 20 Green Projects'. What a nice surprise!



Patti said...

So cute on you! xo

Gracey the Giant said...

Fabulous! What a great find! And the refashion is fantastic as well. I love this!

Unknown said...

Looks so much better after you changed it, it's really cute as a tank.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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