5 Business Shirt Refashions

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mr Recycled gave me a bag of business shirts he no longer wears; "any good for your sewing projects?", he asks. A year or so ago, I would have jumped all over that idea, giving my sewing machine a refashion project workout. With a small baby to raise, school chores to attend to, and articles to write, no sewing takes place in this house right now, so instead Salvos Stores have acquired a bunch of business shirts for resale.

Fast forward, or perhaps back a few years, when I will be / was sewing with the best of the them, the first stop would be the WWW, sourcing upcycle inspiration from the likes of pinterest, cut out + keep and similar.

Men's business shirts are often made using quality fabric (often 100% cotton) which makes up for the lack of interesting pattern or colour found in most shirts.

I have a round up here of 5 business shirt refashions that I've either had a go at before, or would like to, when time permits:

5 Business Shirt Refashions

1. The Sh-kirt 

One of my favourites, turning a button down shirt into a skirt by removing the top and arms, under each armpit, then adding casing for an elastic waist. Project details here

2. Sleeveless Blouse

This was a project I completed following Extra Petite's DIY tutorial. Sleeves were removed, and armholes closed using bias strips made using the fabric taken from a removed arm sleeve. Darts were added for a better fit, and a I made a removable neck-tie using the other removed arm sleeve.  Project details here.

3. Cuff Coin Purse

:: From upcycleyourlife ::

Cute coin purses made using the cuffs of old business shirts. These would be great to make using arm leftovers from another business shirt refashion. See more here and here.

4. Child's Dress

:: From Dana Made It ::

I adore this gorgeous child's dress, made using an old business shirt with an added yellow fabric waistband. See the full project and more stunning photos here.

5. Adult Shirt Dress

:: From MyPoppet ::

I just love this one hour shirt dress project by Cintia over on MyPoppet (who is by the way, currently sharing a Thrifty Kid sewing series that you really need to follow). Cintia took one of her own dress shirts, cut away each sleeve and a section from the bottom, and stitched in the bottom half of a dress she no longer wears. In just one hour, Cintia made herself a chic summer dress to wear. Imagine the possibilities using other combinations following the same technique. See Cintia's how-to here.

Readers, if you have any business shirt refashion favourites, whether they be your own projects or others, feel free to leave a comment below with a link.



Anonymous said...

You know little ole me with little sewing skill could probably do some of these. I'm totally useless with a sewing machine but a simple refashion project would be good for me I think.

Unknown said...

Wonderful creations! The cuff purse is cute. I do hope fanny packs come back cause I can't find one lol!

Patti said...

These are wonderful ideas - I love that last dress, and have to try it. xox

Anonymous said...

Mens shirst are one of my favourite things to upcycle, here are a few of the things I have done with men's shirts

the little girls dress in this link http://obsessivecreativedesign.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/day-4-frocktober-a-lovely-day-for-a-stroll/

the blouse in this link http://obsessivecreativedesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/kitty-the-twins-and-tracy/

the orang sleeveless top and the grey stripe and red and white spot top in this link http://obsessivecreativedesign.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/my-girl-a-super-cute-collection/

Unknown said...

Some years ago I ordered japanese /sewing / recycling books, great ideas! From mens shirts were the best then!
Made one tunic, see the link here http://tuunaustilkkujatyyny.blogspot.fi/2013/02/tunika.html
and when inspired of the ideas in the books a kind of Chanel coatdress,( mostly my own idea)
link here http://tuunaustilkkujatyyny.blogspot.fi/2013/08/takkimekko.html

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, the shkirt and the adult shirt dress! Both so lovely. I am seriously missing my sewing machine right now...

Agy said...

I really like the idea of cuff purses! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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