New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Zealand embraced eco fashion last week with New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed gathering ethical, sustainable, ecologically friendly, yet stylish and cutting edge fashion from both New Zealand and beyond over a five day festival

 :: Designer: Green Embassy Photo: Simon Armstrong ::

This year's event took place in the beautiful city of Lower Hutt, a 30-minute drive from Wellington International Airport, New Zealand, featuring several runway shows, a series of workshops, a designer pop-up and the Exposed Eco Expo.

Stylist Nora Swann of Kila’s Style presented a unique segment of the show in 'thrift shop challenge', presenting and coordinating stylish looks using thrift store bought garments.

Director of Exposed, Denise Anglesey, supplied her own upcycled range to the runway, with a presentation of 20 looks in the an 'eco vintage challenge' via her label Denise H. Anglesey created looks using vintage dresses, reused fabrics and other garments, presenting each design on the runway before the secrets of its origins were revealed. 

:: Designer: Denise HPhoto: Maxine Shea - Captur8 Photography ::

Friday’s show also featured a wide selection of eco designers, and the Dulux Eco Designer Runway took place at 7pm on Saturday 26 July.
 :: Designer Dane Dagger  Photo Masanori Udagawa / ::

In addition to the Dulux Eco Designer Runway, Saturday’s schedule also featured a pop-up shop and expo held at 151 High Street in Lower Hutt featuring items for sale from a selection of the showing designers, plus other fashion and accessories.

 :: Designer Melanie Child, Photo Masanori Udagawa / ::

If you'd like to follow NZ Eco Fashion Exposed, you can find out more on and Facebook.

Nice job, NZ.


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