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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The start of a new breed in creative hands-on initiatives launched to the crafty folk of capital cities around Australia on Saturday, as Unleash Creative began its craft-laden journey in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Delighted to be invited as an official blogger to document the event, I’d been counting the days to attend the very first ever Unleash Creative.

Described as a ‘travelling creative event’ Unleash Creative invites participants to 'set your creative soul alive’ with four creative mentors teaching their specialised craft activity over the course of the day.

My day started at the crack o’ dawn on a Saturday morning, up at 6:30am to catch the 7:11am train to the city. After a train change and a stroll, I joined a group of eager women that had travelled near and far to attend what would be a day full of creative enjoyment.

Doors opened at 9am as Magdalena and her crew welcomed us into a warehouse studio filled with an explosion of colour and craft d├ęcor surrounding the existing vintage furnishings found on the premises. We were asked to write our name onto our badge of allocated colour, each colour representing the craft activity we would be allocated over the course of the day.


Unleash Creative hosts four crafts at each event, headed by “creative mentors”; experts in their artistic field, bringing their talent to the table of eager folk.

:: Unleash Creative Mentors ::

We were treated to; a paper cut craft class taught by Emma Van Leest:

:: Paper Cut Craft :: 

A tutti fruity jewellery class taught by Gemma Patford:

:: Tutti Fruity Goodness ::

A colourful paper junk food gift box class by Kitiya Palaskas:

:: Junk Food Gift Boxes ::

And finally, a class taught by Allira (Freckles & Ginger) leaving us with a fully functioning kooky felt cuckoo clock:

  :: Kooky Felt Cuckoo Clock ::

In between classes, we were utterly spoiled by a visually stunning and taste bud tantilising morning and afternoon tea; mint chocolate muffin pots, gold chocolate balls on sticks and delectable strawberry flavoured donut macaroons filled with popping candy were just a few of our treats. We had the option of choosing one of three lunch boxes, delicious vegetarian tarts with yummy salads.

:: Nom Noms ::

As the day progressed we knew that we’d go home with new craft skills that we could potentially continue with at home, but from a social perspective, we really got to know our fellow craft participants, a diverse and lovely group of like-minded ladies that had booked onto Unleash Creative for various reasons.

Unleash Creative finished at 5pm and I can honestly say it exceeded expectations on so many levels. A creative journey filled with take-home craft, new artistic skills, networking, new friendships, laughs, tons of inspiration and decadent food.

There are plans for more creative days in Melbourne toward the end of this year, in the meantime, Unleash Creative has set its sights on Sydney (Sun 4 May) and Brisbane (Sat 24 May), as its colourful journey continues to blossom.  Check out Unleash Creative's website for all the info.



Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

I think my favourite part was chatting to new friends :)

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Great to meet you on Saturday Erica - what a fun day!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome time. Those coo coo clocks are gorgeous!

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