DIY Dreamcatcher with Thrifted Supplies

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I like to think that I don't give in to the latest fashion trends, and only very loosely glance at what is seen on the catwalks, on the other hand when it comes to craft trends, well I'm all over it!

My son's school, thanks to some wonderful local Mum's, have embraced all that is Nanna Cool about craft. There is a yarn bombing project currently on the go, adding a colourful cheer to the school yard, and every Wednesday a 'Crafternoon' takes place in the art room, encouraging parents and children to try their hands at some art and crafts.

I dropped by the school's crafternoon last Wednesday to find crafty folk making dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers have been on my long list of things to make after seeing Bettina's beautiful doily dreamcatcher. Last Sunday's weekend newspaper supplement also featured a DIY dreamcatcher craft project, giving reason to believe this is becoming the latest craft trend.

With any craft project, I prefer to use recycled materials over new, and managed to find the following supplies from Salvos to make a DIY dreamcatcher with thrifted supplies :

Here's how my dreamcatcher with thrifted supplies turned out:

:: Not perfect, but not a bad effort for a first attempt::

It would be wrong of me to write up a tutorial on the blog, as this project is not my own, but if you would like to have a go at making your own, there is an easy to follow YouTube tutorial here:

And a pictorial step-by-step guide on ArtByCarrieJoy
The trickest part is mastering the dreamcatcher's centre, particularly if you are a perfectionist and like even gaps in your web!

Do you like dreamcatchers? Have you, or will you, make one? Do you follow craft trends too?



Wherethestyledthingsare said...

Oh how CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

Patti said...

so pretty! I have never made one, but might do.

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