Coolest Op Shop Find

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today I met a group of thrifty shoppers on an op shop tour run by Jayson (The Power of Op-Shops & You) off on an adventure to a handful of op shops in Melbourne South East.

Well despite the fact I could only manage to visit the first op shop on the tour after ducking out to feed the little baby, I found what has to be one of the coolest op shop finds yet, a pair of blue Adidas High Top's in my size!

Other than my red duffle coat, I do think these shoes have to be the coolest op shop find in my wardrobe.

What is your all time coolest op shop / charity shop / thrift store find?



Mother Down Under said...

Oh I love those…I want to go and scour some op shops now!
My favourite finds have all been home wares…I found three Le Creuset pots with their lids for $20.00!

Patti said...

Those are great! Lucky find, even on a short trip to the thrifts. xo

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