5 Sustainably Stylish Sunglasses

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am on the hunt for a pair of sunnies. Preferably I'd like to buy a secondhand pair of sunglasses, however, I find very little vintage styles actually suit my small head!

It it hard to choose a pair of shades online, but I have been looking. Preferably I'd buy a pair of sustainably stylish sunglasses, ones made with minimal environmental impact. I am still unsure which glasses would suit, but have pulled together a list of 5 sustainably stylish sunglasses that I've been admiring:

1. Oakley's Gascan Sunglasses

Material: made from excess materials left over from the manufacture of other Oakley products.  
The look: Oakley products are generally 'sporty' than others, great for outdoor adventures.
More details: on visiondirect.com.au's blog.

2. Vinylize McCoy Sunglasses

Material: all Vinylize sunglasses and cases are made from upcycled vinyl records.
The look: the McCoy's resemble Ray-Ban's Wayfarers.
More details: can be found on vinylize.com

3. Acdwash Recycled Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

Material: all acdwash sunglasses are made from recycled skateboard wood
The look: retro round edges, amazing teal colour 
More details: can be found on acdwash

4. Proof Eyewear Bamboo Bud Sunglasses

Material: made from bamboo, one of the world's most abundant plant resources.
The look: retro round edges and 'earthy'.
More details: can be found on iwantproof.com.au

5. Diamond Supple Co. Recycled Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

Material: this particular style is made from recycled skateboard wood
The look: resembling Ray-Ban's Wayfarer shape, with a funky rainbow of colour
More details: can be found on diamondsupplyco.com

Readers, if you were to choose any one of the above, which pair of sunglasses would be your favourite?



l.j said...

I reckon you can't go wrong with wayfarers. I especially love the fact they're made from upcycled vinyl records. Have you tried any oppies? I've found some Ray Bans (new!) and Karen Walker sunnies before.

Kendall said...

Oh my goodness it's too hard to choose! :D

If I had to...I'd probably go for the more colourful ones from Diamond Supply Co. but they're all ecoawesome!

Thanks for the great round-up Erica :D

KB x

Patti said...

Love the skateboard shades! I have a big head but small face, so I have trouble finding cool styles too. xo

Carly said...

Have you tried looking at kids sunglasses for your small face? I usually buy either petite frames or kids because everything else looks silly on me.

Unknown said...

I'm often looking in opshops but so far, no luck. Hadn't thought to look at kids glasses Carly, good idea!

Unknown said...

The Oakleys. I need new sunnies, and am going with Maui Jims - one of the few I have found that fit my head/face, and don't end up with my eyelashes bashing the lens.

Gina E. said...

Hi Erica,
Found you on the I Op Therefore I Am blog, and came over to check out your blog - loving it! Lots of inspiration here :-) I threw out my sunglasses once my optician provided me with specs with transitional lenses, but the opshop where I work (Brotherhood in Eltham) has a basket of glasses which is very popular with our fossickers. I don't know anything about brand names, but we seem to get a variety donated to us.

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