The Not Quite Salt Water Sandals

Friday, December 13, 2013

For quite some time, I have admired and secretly wished for a pair of Salt Water Sandals. Admittedly, I've fallen for a trend, as the cult classic American flat shoes can be seen gracing the feet of many hipsters, summer fashionista's and celebrities in recent years.

:: Alexa Chung in Black Salt Water Sandals (source) ::

Salt Water Sandals have an element of vintage appeal, which perhaps reminds us of our childhood. I certainly recall wearing a similar style of sandal during my schooling years, did you? 

:: 1980's Salt Water Flats on Etsy ::

Living up to their name, Salt Water sandals are waterproof, made with brass buckles which do not rust, this obviously makes them a hit shoe for the Australian beach lifestyle.

:: Salt Water Sandals (source) ::

Yesterday, I ventured into two local opportunity shops for a 'quick look' and found a pair of sandals which resemble Salt Water's style. These tan flats are not waterproof, but at $6, they came home with me yesterday.

:: The Not Quite Salt Water Sandals ::



Patti said...

great score, Erica! These are darling.

Agy said...

Lovely find you have there!

Unknown said...

very nice! you can call them salt water sandals :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Oh I love these! Would love Alexa's pair.

happy holidays!



AdinB said...

I am with you. I am also in love with Saltwater Sandals and wishing I have me a pair and for my little girl. I have been online searching for a great deal on a pair or two of Salwater Sandals. Hope I get it this summer.

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