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Friday, December 20, 2013

When we think of fashion pieces with an animal focus, tiger, elephant, horse and zebra printed clothing may spring to mind (examples here).

Insects, Mother Nature's smaller critters, may not be the cutest of animal species but are beautiful in their own right and look marvelous printed on fabric.  The following bug printed fashion pieces prove that insect printed fashion must not be overlooked.

Mischa Barton in Bug Print Shirt

:: source ::

Bug Print Leggings

:: by ZIBTextile in Riga ::

Tony Burch Miles Bug-Print Canvas Shoes

:: source ::

I'm rather fond of a creepy crawly, particularly the iridescent colour of a beetle.  Some particularly appealing clothing pieces popped up in my instagram newsfeed, made by independent crafter Bec under her clothing line and blog name LittleBrownDog.  Bec, being a fellow upcycler, screen prints bugs and other unique images onto vintage fabrics. 

Treating myself to an early Christmas present, I've purchased one of Bec's lovely bug printed skirts made from a vintage bed sheet, which arrived in the post last week, perfect for summer:

And what do you know but a pair of baby leggings for the teeny tiny c/o preloved kids clothing site Threadwise also camouflage a little bug print too:

:: from Threadwise ::

Readers do you consider bug printed fashion to be 'insect chic', or do creepy crawly prints give you the heebie jeebies?



Patti said...

Oh those camo-and-bug leggings on your littlest are so adorable! I am not a fan of bugs in general, but the gray tights for grownups are pretty fab. xo

Corina said...

I've always had a thing for spiders. Earlier this year Bulgari (I think) came out with a collection of insect themed jewelry which I loved. I saw a brooch in an ad once that was a jewel encrusted fly. Not the same as a skirt of course but I like the idea of taking something that people normally find ugly and making it beautiful and interesting.

Bec said...

Thank you so much for adding my skirt to this list of beautiful bug things. I am working on the questionaire between baby naps and all the other day to day bizzo (I'm not so good answering questions about myself but I'll get there soon).

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