5 Ways To Upcycle a Shoulder Pad

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yesterday, I happened upon a basket full of shoulder pads in my local Salvos Opportunity Shop.

:: 4 Shoulder Pads for 99c ::

Oh how I giggled, what could one possibly want with four old shoulder pads, probably removed from a big shouldered 80's number?

After sharing the above photograph on social media, it appears I really shouldn't laugh at the thought of buying unwanted shoulder pads, because there are some rather ingenious ways to reuse or upcycle them into far greater things!

Echoing individual comments related to the above picture, coupled with a little research of my own, I share  5 Ways To Upcycle a Shoulder Pad:

1. Shoulder Pad Cat Nip Mice

Jillian aka ReFashionista's shows us that shoulder pads can be stitched together to make cat nip toy mice:

Kittycat Crack.
:: ReFashionista's Shoulder Pad Cat Nip Mice ::

Followed by Elizabeth aka The Hungry Octopus' variation; Shoulder Pad Mouse Pads:

Mouse Pads D copy
:: The Hungry Octopus' Mouse Pads ::

2. Shoulder Pad Quilt

Recycled Fashion facebook follower Judy-Anne pointed out that shoulder pads can be made into quilts seen here and here.

3. Upcycled Denim Shoulder Pad Bib Necklace

Crafter and Etsy seller Emelie from Sweden, made a bib necklace out of a denim shoulder pad, adorned with hand sewn beads, chains and wooden beads, seen on her etsy store Reuse and Renew:

:: Upcycled Shoulder Pad Bib Necklace by Reuse and Renew ::

4. Upcycled Shoulder Pad Pouches

Erin Considine sells upcycled shoulder pad pouches on svpply:

:: Erin Considine's Upcycled Shoulder Pad Pouches ::

5. Fancy Embellished Shoulder Pads DIY

An interesting project, because it takes existing shoulder pads from the inside of a garment, embellishes them, and re-attaches as external shoulder pads, tutorial seen on Love Meagan:

  :: DIY Embellished Shoulder Pads seen on Love Meagan ::

Lastly, not an upcycle but an excellent reuse tip, Penelope Hanger Refashions tells us she uses old shoulder pads to oil wooden furniture, they clean and buff at the same time. Great idea!

Readers, do you have any further suggestions for ways that shoulder pads could be reused or remade into something new?



Unknown said...

Hilarious! Love the mice.

Patti said...

Catnip mice - brilliant! I have a couple of furry friends who would approve : >

girl said...

the shoulder pad pouch is the cutest idea

Corina said...

Who would have thought?

Gracey the Giant said...

This is great! I loathe shoulder pads (I REALLY don't need them) and always remove them from my vintage purchases. Now I need to consider what I can make out of them!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Marvelling at the ingenuity here! xo

Unknown said...

Brilliant ideas! I like the purses, cute. Cheers, Alison

RoseAG said...

If you've had a lumpectomy or expander reconstruction a shoulder pad can be pinned inside a bra to even out lumps and bumps.

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