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Thursday, November 28, 2013

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, buying new clothes for children seems somewhat crazy in my world.

Firstly the cost of buying new children's clothes really adds up, coupled with the fact that kids grow out of their wardrobe quicker than a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the cost-per-wear ratio seems unjustifiable.

Secondly, Down To Earth Mother's interesting article Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes addresses the issue that some new clothes can be found doused with chemical enhancements (formaldehyde), which can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations and worse. (please read more on Jo's article here).

The majority of my first child's wardrobe consists of pre-loved kids' clothing purchased from second hand kids markets and opportunity shops.

Now that I have another newborn child, that means another body to dress. Luckily, the majority of my new son's clothes will be hand-me-downs from his older brother. However, he entered the world a tiny 2.9kg, much lighter than his sibling at birth, and most of his hand-me-downs have proven to be too big for his little frame.

Rather than seek out new tiny clothes for the tiny fella, plus the fact I've not really left the house since his birth, I have been sourcing pre-loved kids' clothing online. There is a new Australian website on the block called ThreadWise, a site founded by two Mum's with a desire for great quality, fashionable kids clothes, preferring an economical and more sustainable way of acquiring them.

ThreadWise offers two platforms to the public, one being a way for buyers to purchase quality pre-loved kids' clothing at low prices, and secondly, a way to for individuals to sell their outgrown kids clothes for cash. Win win!

I've shopped ThreadWise for some tiny clothes, finding a GAP two piece newborn baby blue set, a Sprout all-in-one and a pair of bonds leggings to fit the little man, as well as a few goodies for the big (little) man too, cause I can't leave him out!

:: Teeny Baby GAP Outfit from ThreadWise ::

:: Big Little Guy in SUDO T-shirt from ThreadWise ::

ThreadWise is a terrific initiative, with a huge emphasis on quality (no fast fashion brands) pre-loved kids' clothing at reasonable prices, which arrive in your letterbox wrapped in recycled packaging. Plus, for every bag of clothing received, ThreadWise donate $1 to charity.

:: ThreadWise Recycled Packaging ::

So I'm sharing the love for ThreadWise, and recommend parents pop over to ThreadWise on facebook,
as well as check out ways you can sell your own outgrown kids clothes here, and shop for pre-loved kids' clothing here.


Disclaimer; whilst I received a voucher to spend at ThreadWise, the review and opinion provided in this blog post is unbiased and unpaid.


Corina said...

I love sites like those. Going to check out this one right now.

Jo Hegerty said...

Thanks for the link, Erica! I've got a bag of our best clothes to send to Threadwise, I'm so excited to actually earn some dosh for our old clothes! Your little man is adorable, keep the pics coming!!

Jo Hegerty said...

Thanks for the link, Erica! I have a bag of our best clothes ready to send to Threadwise, I'm looking forward to trying them out - and actually receiving dosh for our outgrown clothing. Your little man is adorable, keep the pics coming, please!

Unknown said...

Cool - I haven't heard of Threadwise before, thanks! My kids (3 and 5) both wear hand-me-downs from generous friends, it's fantastic! I very rarely buy clothes for them. Cheers, Alison

JustForDaisy said...

You have saved me!! I thinK! :) I've tried a baby and kids market... facebook pages, eBay and gumtree to sell some AMAZING brands and NO Luck!! :) Found you via your comment on my post on Down To Earth Mother and glad I did! :) xxx Will let you know how I go!

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