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Saturday, November 16, 2013

One big Thank you to Erica for the opportunity to guest blog for her, here's to her enjoying some maternity leave and here's hoping she is getting some sleep!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Vicky from the UK, and I have a passion for recreating second hand clothes into custom bags. I have become a charity shop addict, barely able to pass one by, you never know what goodies are within!

:: Eco Upcycled Bags ::

The eco upcycled bags I make are inspired by the former garment, transformed into a new one off item. Not every bag design I make is a raving success, but that's part of the journey, right? My latest creation is from a pair of cord trousers (size 18UK) and a cotton blouse for lining (size 10 UK).

My idea was to make a medium size shoulder bag, big enough for purse, umbrella, mobile, hairbrush and a couple of extra bits! Utilising the features of the cord trousers, mainly the back pocket.

I cut two panels, one for the front, and one for the back plus two side panels, with the corduroy fabric running downwards. This was sewn up into one tube, and sewn along the bottom. Next I created the top panel and strap, adding interfacing to the top panel, and a magnetic clasp for closure.

:: Bag in progress ::

A lining was created, and a sleeve cuff utilised for the internal pocket, always useful not to loose one's mobile at the bottom of the bag!

Finally I pinned some pleats in the front and back of the bag so that the body of the bag was the same width as the top panel, and all sewn together. To ensure adequate strength the top panel was top stitched, as was the handle.

If I was to recreate this design I would prefer bigger pleats to create more form, and perhaps an applique design on the front of the bag, keeping the corduroy back pocket for the back of the bag.

I have to admit I prefer this original design for a corduroy upcycled bag, using the cord running horizontal, with a side panel and concealed top edge zip. The rest of the trousers and shirt were reused too to create an IPAD case, and a bottle bag.

You can check out my latest upcycling projects and tutorials here, and my bags for sale on etsy
:: Vicky ::


Corina said...

I love the red bag. Great work! Up-cycling is one of my hobbies as well. :)

Posted to pinterest by the way.

Kazza said...

Vicki your links to your tutorial and Etsy shop are not found? From Karen @ @Bowerbirds Journal on Facebook.

Unknown said...

Hi Karen - links are working now, thanks for pointing that out

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