When Recycled Fashion Matches Cafe Decor

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My time out exploring the wonders of my world have been somewhat restricted by a certain growing little person, due for eviction in 6 weeks.

Funny though, that even very local expeditions end in the most unexpected amusement.  Wearing a $3 pair of leggings I picked up on my last trip to Vinnies Victoria in Ringwood, which matched the table in a local cafe my son and I stopped by for afternoon tea.  Oh dear.

:: #BlendingInWithTheDecor ::

Have you experienced a time when your outfit matched room furnishing?!


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Iliska Dreams said...

Sort of, but it is because I turned the curtains into a skirt. So by the time the skirt was done the curtains were no longer hanging

List Addict said...

If you can 'borrow' the table, wear the leggings and come over to see my curtains, then it will be a trilogy!

Patti said...

it's never happened to me! but your leggings are so cool. I've seen many table cloths I'd love to wear as skirts.

Unknown said...

@Julie - well that's actually very impressive, its great seeing fashion made from furnishings
@List Addict - hilarious, your curtains match too!
@Patti - thank you. I too have seen many table cloths that would be great to wear as skirts!

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny, but I hope they didn't mistaken your lap for a tabletop when they put the hot drinks down. Lol! X

Max said...

Thats brilliant! I've always liked a touch of matchy-matchy, but i haven't had an interior decor fasion moment quite like yours! Glad to hear your still rustling through the oppys in your advanced state of pregnancy, i went of them (old shoe smell mainly) so had quite a dry period!

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