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Monday, October 14, 2013

Social media may have its downfalls, but it can benefit us in so many ways. A new local recycled fashion store (Mentone Boutique Bazaar) opened its doors to the public just a month ago, I caught wind of it via a simple facebook share.

My friends and I took a visit to the delightful little gem of a store on Saturday, filled to the brim with second-hand treats; a kaleidoscope of colour and bohemian flair. I've published a review about it on weekendnotes.com.au here. We all walked away with a number of fashion bargains.

I couldn't pass by a $3 necklace which caught my attention for a few reasons. Not only is this pretty piece a colour and style that I love, but on closer inspection I'd noticed how it'd been made; upcycled from a panda print necktie and wooden beads.

:: Beaded Panda Necktie Necklace ::

Initially I thought to myself, hey I could make that, and then remembered I've actually made one very similar a year ago using a sleeve of a paisley shirt and thrifted beads.

:: Upcycled Beaded Necklace ::

I followed a tutorial to make my necklace by Katja on Of Dreams and Seams. Going back over her tutorial I've noticed Katja actually used neckties for her necklaces.

Katja's designs are a little different, she closes the end of her necklaces with a metal clasp whereas my purchased necklace is left to tie in a bow:

:: Necktie Bow ::

After a little google research, I find plenty of upcycled necktie beaded necklaces in similar style, floating around the www:
:: Upcycled Necktie Beaded Necklace by Artstar by Aletha ::

:: Necktie Redo by The Crafting Chicks ::

:: Lilac Striped Necktie with Silver Beads from Herties ::

Aren't they great? I'm inspired to buy a couple of beautiful silk neckties and wooden beads from the nearest thrift shop, and get crafting for Christmas gifts. Are you inspired too?



Patti said...

these are so lovely, and so clever! I think my husband may go missing a tie : >

Malinda @ My Brown Paper Packages said...

What a lovely simple idea. I actually have a necklace like this, well my girls do, but I never looked to see how it was actually made.

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