UPCYCLED (Online) Market Night

Monday, September 9, 2013

In less than 24 hours from now, Robyn from Studio Busso will be hosting the first UPCYCLED market night on facebook.

"A market night of earthly proportions"

Robyn, a talented seamstress from Western Australia makes girls and boys clothes as well as accessories from retro inspired and vintage modified patterns under her label Studio Busso.  Robyn decided to organise an online UPCYCLED market night on her business facebook page, here's why:

"Really I'm just doing this market night for fun. I'm a hoarder and opshopper from way back.  I upcycle a lot for personal use but have been predominantly using new fabrics which I kind of feel guilty about. A lot of the businesses involved in the market don't usually upcycle either so I thought it would be great to make them 'think outside their comfort zone' Challenge themselves and attempt to see the 'beauty in the ordinary' and make something less ordinary extraordinary. Also I have a lot of repeat buyers and followers so I wanted them to think about buying 'UPCYCLED' goods for a change.

"It's all a bit of an experiment but may become a regular event if successful and I may even set up a separate page and run a monthly marketnight. I also thought I'd try and introduce some other things like homewares, jewellery and art"

The reason I'm so excited about this market, is to see some of the amazing creations ready to be sold; such beautiful things made from existing materials to be admired and to inspire.

A snippet from the pool of talent and variety of creations ready to be sold in the online market tomorrow:

Retro Ballet Dress by Studio Busso.
A 60's style child's dress with piping detail to bodice and pockets made from an upcycled sheet. 

  'My Mother Was An Alien' Necklace by Gill Cordiner

Recycled copper with silver and vitreous enamel on a leather necklace.

Geisha Tote Bag by Koi Girl

Made from a vintage Japanese obi, in a black heavy silk with gold floral and red geometric brocade.

"Two Little Bugs" by Squirrel & Fink

From a pair of cargos, red skirt, teal shirt and scrap green and brown homespun to two little bugs, which come with accompanying hard cover book; a story about little bug blue who had a wish.

Size 3 Girls Dress by Melisa Jane

Upcycled from a men's shirt, featuring pintucks on the front, ruffled placket and removable belt

Vintage Parrot Stall by Treasure Hill

Upholstered with vintage fabric

Tawny Scrawny Lion Gift Set by Molly Dag Made

A 24 piece memory game made from a Golden Book Classic.

Flower Power Playsuit by Silly Duffa's
From a curtain to a baby playsuit, with hand dyed doily and lace trim

Neckpiece by IsAvA Designs

Created from a discarded skirt, selection of scarves, and assortment of buttons.

Upcycled Artwork by Colour Decor (Christy Rock)

Upcycled architraves, vintage wallpaper and cute girls in cute dresses, original artworks.

This is just a selection of the many items which will be available for sale tomorrow night, to see more check out Studio Busso's UPCYCLED Market Night Album here.

Such creations prove that it is possible to see the beauty in the otherwise old and unwanted.


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Alison at The Thrifty Issue said...

Such gorgeous offerings! Cheers, Alison

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