Embracing the Me-Made Maxi

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maxi skirts and dresses are not usually a first choice for my wardrobe, because as highlighted previously, I'm a bit of a short-arse.

However, as my pregnancy progresses at all of a sudden lightening speed (just two months to go) I'm embracing the maxi for comfort as I run out of appropriate clothes that fit, and as always, refuse to succumb to retail purchased clothes.

Having said that, it's quite hard to find a maxi skirt or dress for my 5' 2½." (the half inch makes the world of difference!) frame.  In the words of Geneva "Why buy, when you can DIY?" and my recent success at making a pair of leggings, I figure I'll have a go at making my own maxi skirt.  I've seen a few tutorials on how to make a maxi skirt from scratch such as this one and this one.

I found metres of black knit fabric in my nearest Family Life Op Shop last week.  At $10, this is usually way out of my fabric budget (for example, the vintage daisy fabric used to make these tiny harem pants only cost a penny pinching 50c).  However, I had a voucher to use so really it cost me nothing, and it is the perfect material for my skirt project.

 :: $10 Thrifted Black Knit Fabric ::

Deciding to go with a simple sewing project found via a link on Patti's facebook page, the Knit Maxi Skirt Tutorial I made my skirt with a little hiccup, but final success.

:: Hooray For Comfy Maxi's :

I misunderstood the initial measurement instruction and therefore had to add a triangle for the flare of the skirt, otherwise would've been wriggling around in a tube.  Easily rectified, and doesn't really effect the skirt style.

I am totally embracing this maxi skirt with yoga wasistband, and may well whip up some more over the coming weeks.

In other news, from the same Family Life Op Shop I found myself a worldly turquoise and silver necklace adorning my neck for $7.

To my pleasant surprise, Junior Recycled, turning 5 next week, complimented my necklace purchase when I collected him from Kinder.

"Hey Mum, that is a beautiful necklace, where did you get it?"

From the Op Shop

"I like it.. we should take a photo of it"

And there you go..

So amusing I thought, not at his sweet compliment, but his urgency to take a photograph with which to share - a child born in the generation of social media!



Patti said...

so glad it worked for you, Erica - and you look so terrific. Gorgeous necklace!

jenny_o said...

Oooh, I love that necklace too! Your maxi looks great on you - I don't think your height, or non-height, makes any difference :)

Anonymous said...

Great job on the maxi. And in The U.S.A. (Illinois ) there are tons of thrift shops. I love going and glad you do too.

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