TOMS Shoe Refashion Inspiration

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One day, I'd like to own a pair of TOMS shoes.  I'm sure most readers will know the designs and concept behind TOMS shoes, if you don't here is the low down:

TOMS is the idea that one man (Blake Mycoskie) had to create a sustainable business which helps children around the world growing up without shoes.  The concept is this; a 'One for One'.  You buy a pair of TOMS shoes, then TOMS promises to give one pair of new shoes to a needy child somewhere for every pair purchased.  It is said that millions of shoes have been given to needy children around the world since its inception in 2006.

The company recently expanded its unique business model to include TOMS Eyewear, helping to save and restore sight for those in need.

Whether you are aware of TOMS One to One concept or not, you may well be familiar with TOMS shoe designs, particularity their classic shape, which have unfortunately been copied by many high street retailers:

Because TOMS have been around for many years, we see well loved shoes experiencing natural wear and tear on the toe and heel.  A few clever folk have been prolonging their TOMS by covering tears with fabric:

TOMS Fabric cover tutorial seen on Elemental Carbon

Other creative folk have been customising their pair of TOMS by painting, drawing and gluing:

Glitter TOMS seen on Shiny Happy Bird

 Studded TOMS seen on Leopard & Lace

Before and after upholstered TOMS seen on Jeannie Talks

Fabric and button covered TOMS tutorial on Handmade Homemaker

 Customised R2D2 TOMS by New York based artist Kara Setkiewicz seen here

 Whale and Boat customised TOMS by Kasleberry

Custom Handpainted TOMS in Ikat Design
Custom Handpainted Ikat TOMS by metalnlace

Ronchamp Chaple sketched on TOMS by Slipoffs

Kimi decided to take apart her trashed TOMS and make them into a pair of summer sandals:
 DIY TOMS Sandals seen on Midwestern Thread

And I'll leave you with ..

Doodle TOMS YouTube video by artist Turtle Wayne

So there you have it, not only are you doing good by buying a new pair of TOMS, it appears you can most certainly prolong their wearable life, plus you can customise to your own style if you so wish.  



Patti said...

Great ideas! I love how this company thinks.

Unknown said...

Ha! I have a pair that look exactly like those in the 'trashed Toms' photo and keep meaning to refashion them. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

cookiecrumbs said...

This is great... I hadn't heard of TOMS, but I'm going to the US on holidays in a month's time, so maybe I'll be able to pick up a pair while I'm there!

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