Deceptive Feather Earrings

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Readers that follow Recycled Fashion on facebook, will have seen an image shared on the page from a market stall holder at Bend and Snap Market held once a month in Melbourne:

'Feather' earrings by Tread & Pedals

I feel compelled to write a little more about these earrings, because they are not actually feathers at all, but handcrafted from a recycled bike inner tube.  The clever, cruelty free, vegan feather!

Tread & Pedals is a small online boutique run by a Melbourne couple Ivan and Em:

"Tread & Pedals was born when Ivan was working as workshop manager in a large Melbourne bike store. We were amazed with the amount of bicycle parts that went straight to the tip. It was shocking to think about the quantity of waste produced by what we’d always thought of as a sustainable form of transport. We decided to try and make something of this so called trash and started looking at the bike parts in a different way. Ivan ventured off into the “Man Cave” and emerged with a bottle opener made from a cog and chain… the rest just kind of happened from there." Tread & Pearls

Other items offered for sale through Tread & Pedals include cog clocks, bike tyre belts, bike chain cufflinks and more, although my personal favourites are definitely the clever feathers!


Disclaimer; the review and opinion provided in this blog post is unbiased and unpaid


jenny_o said...

It's wonderful to hear how they are recycling old parts back into use again. Good for them!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea, I will have to try it!

tutto riciclabile handmade/ragdollsvfk said...

love the earings,love recycling

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I really did think they were feathers at first, they're gorgeous!

Frugal Down Under said...

I've been researching the use of bike parts for the past 2 weeks after seeing some great upcycled items at my local market from Byron Bay. They had a pair of earrings just like this and wallets too.

I have been meaning to make a pair of these for myself - unfortunately the bike repair man in the my city was closed on Friday when I went to ask for a couple of discarded tubes. Now I'm motivated to try him again this week.

My mum made hard balls out of old bike tubes when she was a child living in poverty.

Laura said...

These are a fantastic idea!

Patti said...

Clever, and really good-looking! And much better for the birds.

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