T-shirt Grocery Bag

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Re-purposing an unwanted t-shirt into a grocery bag is nothing new nor original, but it is a very easy, resourceful and practical project to do.  T-shirt jersey is stretchy, and stretchy is good when it comes to holding your fruit and veg produce from the market!

One of the hardest tasks when it comes to making a t-shirt grocery bag, is perhaps choosing the appropriate t-shirt to begin with.  It seems silly to cut into an otherwise wearable t-shirt, so always good to choose one that is slightly past its best, or one that no longer fits.

The bag shown here, has been made using an op-shopped men's sleeveless tee.  I know I may be contradicting myself here, because the shirt is not necessarily unwearable, however, I figure if it has been donated, then its someone's unwanted shirt, right?

I liked the shirt's Hawaiian feel, plus, I had an idea to use the bottom 1/4 brown jersey strip (more on that at a later date).

Cutting your t-shirt to create your bag shape can be done in three simple snips, along each side (my t-shirt is sleeveless, you might find you have a t-shirt with sleeves to be removed), and cutting away the neckline.  I also chose to cut a line along the bottom, only because, as mentioned above, I have a plan with the 1/4 bottom cut away strip.  To make a deeper bag, no need to cut along the bottom:

Next task is to sew three straight lines, what I forget to omit in my photograph here, is that sewing should be done inside out:

And that, my friends, is it.  Nothing fancy, and not difficult, but makes for an attractive grocery bag without the need to reach for the plastic.  I might also add that t-shirt grocery bags are pretty sturdy too, here it holds 7 avocado's! (because avocados are my latest obsession):

For plain t-shirts, you could also try these:

Tutorial found on delia creates

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Glamour Drops said...

i think even I, with very little sewing skills, could manage this...fab ideas thank you!

Unknown said...

Definitely Glamour Drops, you could even do this without a sewing machine, just a needle and thread !

AdinB said...

Absolutely clever way to use unwanted shirts to use for grocery shopping and I also like the second one. Been meaning to make some, but just didn't get around to it. I was busy making some dresses for my little girl though.

Unknown said...

@Adin B glad to hear you've been making your little girl some dresses!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Oh CUTE! And they'd scrunch up perfectly for shoving into your handbag!

Sleekit said...

Now that is very nifty lady

Sleekit x

Nell Escalante said...

I love that green holy one!!! I am def going to try. Thanks for sharing!

Frugal Down Under said...

I made a few last year to sell at my little market stall and they all sold out in one day.

I want to try the one that looks like a string bag. Looks fun and I could show off at Coles with it.

Old T-shirts are so versatile. I've stocked up on a few to make cute headbands.

Agy said...

I love t-shirt bags, plus you can wash them!

Anonymous said...

I haven't made any in ages and the ones I had down long ago have all gone walk about. Come to think of it I should get my hands on some 50 cent tees and make some up for market stall for people's purchases, they'll won't forget me then huh?

two birds said...

i love this idea! i could make little school bags for the kids!

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