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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Readers, when you travel, do you look up potential second hand shopping opportunities before you visit, or sniff out thrift stores or markets during your overseas stay? I do, particularly when visiting well known cities. Here is an article I'd written about a visit to 88tees in Hawaii many years ago.  And last year, a brilliant find of a second hand clothing store in Port Vila, in The Republic of Vanuatu.

I'm introducing guest blog posts to Recycled Fashion, for anyone around the world that would like to give a low down of second hand shopping establishments in their own cities or towns.  This could be a list of thrift stores, charity shops, opportunity shops, a review of a flea market or list of consignment stores.  Whatever tickles your fancy, feel free to contact me if you'd like to write a review.

The following article "Second-Hand Shopping in Montreal" is written by Mireille.  French Montréal is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec, the largest in the province, and second largest in Canada (after Toronto).

Vintage 1930's Montreal Postcard seen here

Montreal is full of amazing second-hand shops. Some are widely known by the public, others are a well-kept secret among green fashion adepts and vintage clothes or furniture lovers. Here are five great addresses for second-hand shopping in Montreal.


CUL-DE-SAC (3966 St-Laurent Blvd)

The Cul-de-sac (literally “dead end”) offers an amazing collection of vintage, retro and trendy clothes and accessories. There is also a great selection of objects, from lamps to suitcases to toys and paintings. But while their vintage stuff is great, it is their original recycled fashion items, made from recycled vintage material
(fur, leather, etc.) that really captures attention. 

(Found)erie (6596 St-Laurent Blvd)

Located in Little Italy, The (Found)erie offers a selection of carefully chosen vintage items, mostly clothes. Prices are slightly higher than in other second-hand shops, but the quality of its products really makes it stand out.

Fripe-Prix Renaissance (6960 St-Hubert Street)

In order to make great finds in this huge second-hand shop, you’ll have to be a little patient: it spreads over three floors.  But those who take the time to really shop thoroughly at Renaissance will be rewarded. Prices are unbeatably low, and the shop receives thousands of new items everyday.  Also, a major perk; all the profits they make is used for the funding of their reinsertion program.


Marché aux Puces St-Michel (3250 Cremazie Blvd)
Beware: The St-Michel flea market may cause addiction. This Ali Baba cave of treasures and wonders is heaven for vintage furniture lovers. There is nothing you can’t find there: from vintage lamps to Louis XIV dressers to rustic dining tables to clothes to anything you can think of, really, the variety is simply amazing. It is just one of those places that makes you wonder why people buy anything new. Prices vary from really cheap to fairly pricey, depending on what you’re interested in.  If you’re somewhat talented for bargaining, you might conclude a heck of a deal. 

Montreal Mega Reuse Center (150, Montreal-Toronto Blvd)

Located on the Southeast of the island, in a one of Montreal’s industrial area, the Montreal Mega Reuse Center is fairly hard to find. As a matter of fact, only a small sign on top of a glass door leads you to the entrance of this warehouse.  But once you get inside, you’ll be delighted: this place is packed with stuff! Stacks of chairs of all shapes, styles and colors, dozens of filing cabinets, curio cabinets, bookcases, vintage chests, office chairs, couches, curtains, doors, rugs, it really is quite impressive.  Granted, the place is dusty and kind of messy. But look carefully at what’s on display, and pay a regular visit to that place: you won’t regret it.

Mireille is a travel, music and theater enthusiast. She's written for the stage and television, and is now working as a freelance blogger for Simons.



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