Op Shopping in Far North Queensland (Australia)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The following post and guide (second in the series of city guides, see Montreal here) to op shopping in Atherton, Far North Queensland, Australia, has been submitted by contributing writer Miss Mandy, an avid thrifty shopper, with an eye for vintage treasures:

Miss Mandy

Miss Mandy's Musings..

Up a long winding mountain range, rising sharply above the coast line of Cairns, you will eventually come to the little sleepy town of Atherton, surrounded by a volcanic rim and rolling farmlands, it is nestled in a valley that time forgot, not that this should be misconstrued as a negative aspect indeed, a treasure trove is waiting to be revealed.

 Main Street, Atherton

Where upon you will find a plethora of opportunity stores, just waiting to be perused and that bargains be found. Lovingly manned by Atherton locals we most definitely have a few colourful characters, lovely ladies and above all a dedicated band of merry volunteers and staff, opening the doors each day and thoughtfully providing me with the need to part with my hard earned dollars and cents for that treasured trinket that has been found amongst the racks, cabinets and shelves.

Salvation Army, Atherton

But o what a joy it is, I don't think I have ever lived somewhere that so regularly provides me with the thrill, the frisson of excitement, the rush that quivers through me in resting my hand upon silk, satin, and lace, lovely, luxurious fabric that skims through my fingers and that's even before my eyes come to rest upon the label; Country Road, Cooper Street Clothing, Charlie Brown, Espirit, French Connection, Jag, Marco Polo, Portmans, Winter Kate, Witchery; I love you all! And I only mention a few of the higher end names of the clothing mountain that has descended upon our township.

Some of my treasures found here in my country town of Atherton, some of my favourite cardigans, vintage of course, gorgeously crocheted with hundreds of flowers, just perfect with mountains of pearls to wear when visiting dear old Gran.
 My lovely kitchen tins, I love the different storage sizes, a tiny one for coffee, my how times have changed, all 4 were purchased for $5, in The Animal Welfare Shop, Main Street Atherton

This is my first article for "Recycled Fashion", I hope you are enjoying thus far and will join me in my further adventures, my quest for fine clothing and vintage flummery, as well as my collection of vases from the 1950s and kitchenalia of the retro period.

Lifeline, Atherton

Below is a list of op shops and their addresses 

Animal Welfare 22 Main Street, Atherton , 07 40914252
Lifeline on the Lane Reddan Lane, Atherton , 07 40917466 (Behind the Grand Hotel)
Salvos 5/46 Main Street, Atherton, 07 40913224 (Upstairs in Lenister Arcade)
The Australian Red Cross, Jack and Main Streets, Atherton , 07 40917118
Vinnies Railway Lane, Atherton, 07 40911377 (Behind the Barron Valley Hotel)

Regards from the Far North, Miss Mandy.... 

Hands up who wants to go op shopping in Atherton?  Me, me!



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yep, I can confirm FNQ is tops for opshopping. it was my little secret!

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Oops, the secret is out!

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