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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The following brilliant post is submitted by contributing writer Katie Bowman, she has recently returned from the fantabulous Boogie Festival.  Now before you go further, if you'd like a theme tune to go with this article, might I suggest 'Intergalactic' by The Beastie Boys!

It's Easter, and in my house that can only mean one thing: it's time to dust off the old 1950s Singer, raid the local op shops, and start making my costume for Boogie Festival!

If you haven't heard of Boogie, it's an annual three day camping and music festival held on a picturesque country property in Tallarook, Victoria. A boutique style, eco-friendly event, Boogie is all about the handmade costumes, music, food, making new friends, and most importantly, respecting the environment. It's also a child friendly event, with plenty of activities to keep the little ones entertained whilst the grown-ups shake it loose for a few days.

What I love about Boogie – more than the music and the experience of getting amongst it in the great outdoors – is the amount of enthusiasm, planning and detail that everyone puts into their costumes. This year's theme, 'Space Odyssey', saw fembots, robots, rockets, space super heroes, and all sorts of intergalactic goodness. Almost all of the costumes I photographed were created from recycled items and materials lying around people's houses. It just goes to show how far one's imagination can go with a bit of cardboard, tinfoil, and a can of silver spray paint!

 A rocket made from foam and old cut up t-shirts.

An intergalactic member of Kiss. 
I thought this was brilliant – an entire outfit made from unwanted car windscreen shades.

 Space jetpacks for dance floor hydration. 
Learn how to make your own on this craft blog

Boogie kids getting into the space action.

 There were all types of Boogie Robots. Again, so simple to make at home and they looked fantastic! The robot on the far right even had an iPad attached to his space helmet. Such a clever way to keep your hands free and record all the action.

These gorgeous Boogie Fembots were a festival highlight. Handmade shift dresses, matching tights on their arms and legs, silver sprayed op shop boots, and $5 wigs from the local discount shop.

On the Sunday, it's time for the kids to get creative and make their own costumes in the Trashy Fashion workshop. What some might know as Up-Cycling, the concept is all about using trash as a fashion statement and giving new life to discarded materials in the form of fashion and craft. Materials are donated and recycled from the wonderful team at Reverse Art Truck, with Boogie's performers and costume designers on hand to help cut, glue, stitch and sew the creations.

After the two hour workshop, Trashy Fashion takes to the stage where the kids get to parade their costumes and talk about the inspiration behind their ideas. Très cute!


Each year the festival features a new dress-up theme. If you'd like to find out more or get in on the action, visit


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