A Message to The Red Boots

Monday, April 22, 2013


Dear Red Boots, 

$19.99 in Salvos, that's not too bad 
But your red heeled loveliness, you make me sad! 

Why do you still entice me, three sizes to big? 
I can't wear you, you'd make my leg look like a twig 

There you are, on the shelf at the op shop 
I go home, and think of you, I can't stop 

Stop tempting me with your red leather love 
You'd never fit me, like a glove. 

Please find another shopper to rescue 
Before I buy and never wear you 




Laura said...

Genius, Erica, pure genius! Love it.

juli said...

Oh, I was waiting for it to end:
"I bought you anyway and cut the heels away"

after which you could have refashioned them into a bag... I know I would have :-)

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