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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Readers, I'd like to introduce you to a brand new website and online community; Handmaker's Factory, which I'm really excited about!  Nichola of the Handmaker's Factory community, has put together a blog post introducing her joint collaboration:

Handmaker’s Factory is a brand new website and community set up by crafty lasses Nichola of Nikkishell Leisl from Jorth!  Despairing at the state of the industrial textile industry and its impact on the environment, they both agreed that if you wanted to reduce your own footprint, then making your own was the way to go. By making your own, you don’t buy into disposable fashion, you take much better care of your garments, and you keep valuable garment-creation skills alive – win win all around! But then a thought struck them – surely there are others out there who share our way of thinking – maybe we should set up a website so we can all learn about sustainable fashion together.
Nichola had previously run a website called Wardrobe Refashion  which was a collaborative site for people interested in refashioning old garments into something new.  Taking this concept, they decided to evolve it, with a strong focus not only on refashioning, but on general sewing/knitting/crafting skills, empowering people to make their own garments and give them a chance to opt out of the fast fashion merry-go-round. And thus Handmaker’s Factory was born.

This happy, crafty place provides a space for people to upload projects of garments they have made – but that’s not all. There are also interviews with makers, tutorials for learning new skills, articles on sustainable fashion, lots of awesome giveaways and chances to meet and learn about the wonderful shops that stock your favourite crafting supplies. Nic and Leisl believe that keeping alive the skills involved in making your own clothes is vitally important, and want as many people as possible to know the joy that comes from creating something beautiful with your own two hands.

So, if you too are concerned not only with the environmental impact of today’s fashion industry, but also with the ethical and sustainability issues, you should pop on over and visit Handmaker’s Factory. Together we’ll save the world – one pair of fabulous pants at a time!

Nichola, founder of Nikkishell and creator of Wardrobe Refashion, was also the co-creator of Mixtape Zine and was Australian representative for BurdaStyle. She has been profiled in various publications including The V&A, The Guardian and The Age, and has done extensive work in the craft sector.

Leisl, founder of Jorth! has worked in the textile industry and also as a content writer, specializing in craft and food articles for publications such as, Mum’s Business and Mixtape Zine.

Not only is Handmaker's Factory an online community, but the crafty duo have also linked with Ink & Spindle in Melbourne (Australia) to offer knitting and sewing classes.  If you'd like to learn to knit, learn to sew, or take part in a social sewing day, you can find out more and book here.


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