Introducing Ettitude

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recycled Fashion introduces a new sponsor, online retailer Ettitude, committed to making eco conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding.

Products for sale on Ettitude, must meet at least one of the following: 
  • Organic: Our organic products are grown and produced without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, herbicides, or GMOs. 
  • Recycled: Our recycled items are made with ingredients that have been extracted from another product for re-use. 
  • Recyclable: These contain a percentage of ingredients that may be extracted and re-used in a different product. 
  • Smart packaging: These products go the extra mile because even their packaging is recycled, recyclable, and non-toxic. 
  • Sustainable Production: Manufactured using methods and resources that do not cause long term harm to our natural resources, nor deplete or diminish the value of the environment for future generations. 
Editors picks:

Ettitude also has a new US based store, and can also be found on facebook, twitter, youtube, & pinterest,

Thank you Ettitude for sponsoring Recycled Fashion.

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