Designer Brands Starting The Recycling Revolution

Saturday, December 29, 2012

After a recent call out for guest post blog posts on Recycled Fashion, we have another blog post here from Cindy Liu based in the United Kingdom.

Designer Brands Starting The Recycling Revolution

Climate change and eco friendliness is on everybody’s lips at the moment. We are forever seeing campaigns and awareness demonstrations about the effect we are having on our planet so people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint in many aspects of their lives. 

One way that we can all help the planet is to start buying eco-friendly clothing and accessories.  There is a big demand from the public for style and fashion designers to create eco-friendly, sustainable clothing. 


Eco-fashion or sustainable fashion is a growing industry. It has been around for some time but its popularity has grown in recent years. Many companies are looking at ways that they can produce products that are eco-conscious and have as little impact on the environment as possible. This is a difficult task because clothing has to be sustainable and stylish.

Many companies choose to use organic material in their clothing. Clothing made from organic material contains completely natural products which are non-synthetic. Many plants are often used to produce organic clothing. If you fancy buying some then you can look out for the label for the Organic Consumers Association. 

Recycled clothing

Recycled material is also commonly used in eco-friendly clothing. Many textile companies make use of recyclables in the form of materials they produce in their factories. A lot of this clothing is made from recycled polyester and nylon. It is a niche market but there are many recycled fabrics available online.

Case studies

Many other companies have also embraced the eco-friendly clothing trend. To understand how these designer brands are starting the recycling revolution, here is an overview of some of the notable contributors:

British handbag makers Radley have started making their handbags out of recycled materials. Though they don’t openly advertise this feature, you can usually find some indication that the handbag you are looking at is made from recycled fabric and what percentage of the materials used are made from recycled materials. 

They provide clothing that is produced in factories powered by solar and wind power so their carbon footprint is lower than most other factories. They have fashion in mind when making their clothing and invest a lot of time into designing their clothes so that they meet current trends and styles.

Another well known company that promotes eco fashion collections, eco fashion designers from the UK and beyond advertise their sustainable clothing on the Excentree website. 

Their private collection is great too and they have a lot of organic clothing suitable for men, women and children. They carefully hand pick their clothing range so that they are sure that it comes from eco friendly sources.  

Each sale that is made from Excentree gives you the opportunity to plant a tree in one of the agro-reforestation schemes that the company supports. With clothing from Excentree you are assured that your own carbon footprint will be reduced and you will great in the clothing you wear as well. 

It is of paramount importance that we consumers carry on supporting the companies who engage in eco-conscious activity and encourage more changes by endorsing these small steps they’ve already taken.

Cindy Liu works and lives in London. She is interested in helping consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to lifestyle.  She believes that it is up to consumers to make designer brands aware of the demand for more eco-friendly clothing.

Thank you Cindy, for introducing us to a few British designers producing sustainable fashion, we can only hope other fashion designers follow by example.  If you'd like to write for Recycled Fashion too, please do contact me.



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