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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Australian fashion is changing.  With the recent popularisation of op-shopping, 'vintage' clothing has become trendy, although the definition of vintage (for some) appears to be any clothing piece that is second-hand.

As we strive to look different, at the same time look at ways to save money in our current economic climate, op-shopping is the best option for us to look good, for less.  Op-shopping, Australia's answer to thrift shopping, is probably the common choice for those seeking second-hand fashion.  


I spoke to a lady recently about Melbourne Op Shop Tours, to which she replied "Oh I'd much rather go op-shopping by myself". 

So why should you join an op shop tour?


There are some that prefer to shop by themselves than with others, but sometimes, op-shopping can be a lonesome affair.  I admit that I do like to go op-shopping by myself on occasion, but find it much more enjoyable when accompanied by friends.  I consider myself lucky that I have friends that appreciate the love of thrifting, but, not everyone understand the need to shop second-hand.   


If you are one that does not have companions to appreciate a day of exploration in second-hand shops, that's when Melbourne Op Shop Tours comes in handy.   An individual, a group, or a couple can join an op shop tour. I've attended an op-shop tour by myself (prior to becoming a tour guide), and was joined by a mother and twin daughter duo, three friends from Sydney, a brother and sister, and two more individual op-shoppers.  We had a great day.

Another reason one should consider joining an op-shop tour, might be to explore new suburbs, and become familiar with op-shops in a new area.  Op-shops close, and new ones pop up all the time, which is when Melbourne Op Shop Tours can come in useful.  Tour guides take op-shoppers on walking tours, through a variety of Melbourne's suburbs, visiting tucked away second hand charity shops, rife for a rummage.

Op shop tours are run on foot and public transport, making them sustainable shopping adventures on every level. An op shop tour costs $40 for the day, and run every few weeks.  The next tour I'll be running will be Bayside Brighton on Saturday 24th November 2012.  To book a tour, you can do so here.   Here is a blog post from the last Brighton tour.



I Love To Op Shop said...

May miss this one :-(

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Oh wow I love that white dress!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Unknown said...

If your op shops tours were in Perth Erica, I would definitely join in the fun!

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