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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I have my hands on some great new (second-hand) threads from Where the styled things are.

King of Hearts Tie Top

A new favourite.  A t-shirt with cut away sides, which tie on each side. 

 Denim Vest

Removed sleeves from a denim jacket


Hair tie/bandana

 A great idea to use up fabric scraps. 

Blogger, photographer, and upcycler Adelle of Where the styled things are sources second-hand clothing, and restyles them to modern pieces.  She sells her wares via a facebook page, and occasionally at markets in Perth, Western Australia.

"Perth is a small place, but I feel like there is a lot to offer in the fashion industry…follow my journey as a 30 year old creative individual."  Adelle Cousins, Where the styled things are

Adelle has taken some time to answer questions related to her work, to share with Recycled Fashion readers:

When did you start selling your brand of clothing 'Where the styled things are'? I have only been up-cycling clothes and selling them for about 6 months, but I have always been altering clothing for myself.

Flamingos feature quite a bit in your photoshoots, why flamingos?  
I associate flamingo’s with a bit of a retro vibe which is me down to a tee! The flamingo came about when I bought “Phil” at the last Polka Dot Markets that I went to, I always wanted a flamingo as a logo and so my logo for WTSTA is in fact a pink flamingo! Phil is my mascot, I like people to be able to associate logo’s with a brand (being in Marketing!) so I hope that eventually people will see the flamingo and recognise WTSTA.

How long have you been upcycling clothes? Mostly from the age of about 18? So, 12 years? (Bag loads of drastic up-cycled clothing though)

Why is upcycling clothes important to you?
My Mum and sister are seamstresses and both up-cyclers too, and before them my grandma and nanna, my entire family are all really great at sewing. However, I try to up-cycle in ways that avoid the sewing machine (Not everybody has that luxury)! My Mum always told me I am “One step ahead” in fashion, but I think I am just an “Anything goes” girl, and try to dress how I like rather than what’s actually “in”.  It’s important to me because it shows off individualism and a sense of not really caring about what people think of you.

Which markets do you sell at?
I have only ever sold at “Sorry We’reClothed” a boutique Up-cycled and recycled/designer market that runs in Perth, I don’t do a lot of markets, simply because with working full time and all my other creative activities (and my husband + 12 animals) I don’t get a lot of time to set it all up, and I don’t really like to spend a lot of money (saving for a house!).  The cost to set up at a market is quite large for me.

What do you do for your 'day job' in addition to WTSTA?
I work in an Automotive Cooperative as a Graphic Designer in the Marketing Department. I didn't go to university or completed any other outside training, but I am really hard working (some might say stubborn, I’m a Leo, it’s in my blood) when it comes to what I want in my career and in myself, so I am self taught in design and have somehow landed myself plenty of great opportunities haha!

Where do you obtain your clothes?
Mostly Op Shops or hand me downs, swap meets, vintage stores, I sometimes buy online or eBay and I also have a wholesaler where I get a lot of my tee’s from (plain – so I can upcycle them) It’s why I can keep the prices so low. However sometimes with pieces it takes a lot of time and processes, plenty of washes and taking up the space in my home!

Do you have any favourite markets or op shops that you like to shop at?
I do love the Polka Dot Markets, but being a ‘price saver’ shopper I go there to look and maybe I pick up ONE statement piece whether it be an antique or a vintage piece, I always find time for some jams or pickles!  But second to that, the Karrinyup Swap Meet is ALWAYS a cracker to go to early Sunday morning and literally every 2nd day I am in an Op Shop (More around Vic Park/Morley/Belmont/Malaga/Maylands) which is close to where I work, or places on my way home OR close to my house! My fave though would have to be Malaga Salvo’s, close to home, great staff and an array of everything. Sorry We’re Clothed is on the up though and I am enjoying this market also, it’s boutique, it’s not too cluttered, it’s everything I promote and it’s fantastic for an afternoon out!

What are WTSTA signature pieces? 
Crop muscle band tee’s and ombre studded shorts have to be my 2 things that I try to focus on, the tee’s are a little easier but the ombre studded shorts take a lot of time to perfect and a lot of processes. So the tee’s are something that fly out the facebook store because there are so many of them but the shorts are a lot of effort. I like to say…the summer pieces are the signature pieces! I am starting a custom tee range soon though (Choose your tee, your cut and if you want it bleached or altered any extra ways) – keep an eye out for that!

What do you see for the future of WTSTA? I think the blog could be going places…I only ever get good feedback and lots of it too, the clothing is a bit of pocket money for me but it pretty much just goes towards MORE pieces to upcycle haha! I want to stick to my goals and morals as far as shopping and selling for less and if this can roll over for years to come then that’s all I ever wanted. Anything else, is a massive bonus! I am very humbling when it comes to things like this, so for the future, I would like to say getting a lot of followers on my blog and plenty of interaction with people who like what I do! Recognition is all I ever want as a photographer, blogger, upcycler, and that’s what I strive for, so I see big things in the horizon and I am SO excited for it!


Where the styled things are can be found on facebook, and independent website and blog.  All the best with the future of Where the styled things are Adelle, I'll be following your journey.



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