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Monday, November 19, 2012

Wow, what a lovely surprise today, to see my skirt-to-cape refashion, appearing as a reader submission on the stupendous New Dress A Day blog. Thank you Marisa Lynch!

Speaking of New Dress A Day, did you know Marisa has recently released a book

"Based on her wildly popular blog of the same name, guerrilla seamstress Marisa Lynch shows you how to easily (and affordably!) transform your wardrobe from frumpy to fabulous! With just a snip here and a stitch there, your basement bargains will rival anything in designer collections. Yes, with a little imagination—and DIY tools like needles, thread, and safety pins—you too can update an outdated castoff."   Her book can be ordered via booksellers listed here.  Amazing!



Wherethestyledthingsare said...

WHAT! I love this!!

pao said...

I was just coming over to congratulate you cuz I saw your rehab piece on NDAD! Woohoo Erica Louise, way to go!!!

Peta said...

i loved seeing what marissa came up with! This book would be great ... if only i could sew

Anonymous said...

Well done! Congratulations.

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