Men's Business Shirt to Sleeveless Casual Shirt

Sunday, November 25, 2012

When Mr Recycled rids his wardrobe of unwanted business shirts, I get quite excited, as I get to have a play around with them. (The first time I used one of Mr RF's unwanted shirts, was to make the sh-kirt.)

I found a really cute restyled shirt tutorial on Extra Petite, with a clever idea to reuse the material from each removed sleeve, to create a cute bow neck-tie.

Roughly using the same tutorial, I've make myself a sleeveless casual shirt, from this original business shirt:

A refashioned business shirt to sleeveless top for me. Sleeves removed, and armholes closed with bias strip made from the fabric of cut-off arm sleeve. Dart's added for a better fit.  I did not go with a bow neck-tie, as did not feel the same style would suit this previously formal shirt, so instead, went for a removable straight neck tie, which I can take off if I decide not to wear it that way.

:: In Progress ::

Using masking tape and bias tape market to cut bias strips.  
The masking tape technique, found on Miss P's blog

 I did not take a photograph of the neck-tie in the making.  To explain; I used the bottom removed section of the shirt for this, sewing a long straight line on the wrong side of a doubled over strip, and stitched a diagonal straight line on each end.  I left a gap in the middle of the strip to turn inside out, iron flat, and top stitch.


And I've included darts to prevent bunching on each armhole, which is also explained on Extra Petite's DIY tutorial.

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Pam @Threading My Way said...

The neck tie is a lovely addition, Erica. The new shirt looks great!

Ahka Vintage said...

I like this - it is casual and still a little businessy - does that make sense?

AdinB said...

I love that you added that tie. It sure is a lovely addition to the shirt.

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea Erica. My hubs is always getting rid of old business shirts (to the oppies of course!) but some of the patterns are super cool...this is a great idea! Kel x

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