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Saturday, November 17, 2012

For some time now, I've admired the work of Nicola Thomas, and her line of little girls dresses upcycled from t-shirts under the name Enoch & Plonk.  Enoch & Plonk dresses inspired my own t-shirt dress, in adult form, seen here.

Enoch & Plonk design by Rebekah Ginda Design

"Enoch & Plonk loves to surprise, sometimes shock but always be different. It's about 'in your face
fashion'. It's for little individuals who like to stand out in a crowd. For mums and dad's who want
their kids to be expressive with what they wear and be fun, comfy and easycare.
All Enoch & Plonk dresses are created using new t.shirts and stretch fabrics, second hand garments,
recycled fabrics, remnants and thrifted items. Each piece is lovingly created from start to finish
using my own original patterns and the fabrics as inspiration."

A selection of some of my favourite Enoch & Plonk designs:



(available here)

(available here)

(available here)

To get to know 'behind the scenes' of Enoch & Plonk, I've asked Nicola some questions, to share with Recycled Fashion readers.

Where does the name Enoch & Plonk come from?

I had a long list of possible names for what would become E&P. They were just names that I'd plucked out of thin air but none of them seemed personal enough. I could see myself getting very bored with them very quickly. I realised that there had been a name that had been with me my whole life 'Enoch & Plonk'. Enoch was the rather odd nickname my father had given me when I was little, my sister was Plonk.

How did Enoch & Plonk begin its journey?

What began as a business appliquéing t-shirts with funky original artwork in November 2010 developed into Enoch & Plonk, funky clothing with attitude in May 2011. A Change which was much more me. I'd always been a bit alternative and this was the ideal form of expression for me and a great way forward for E&P. 

How long have you been sewing?

I'd made a few items using my own patterns for my daughter Ella and had posted them on my blog with a very positive response. Once I'd refined my sewing skills somewhat, I knew what I can and couldn't do, and items were of a standard I was happy with then I decided to offer them for sale.  I've always been a crafter. I trained as a fine artist and became an art and design teacher in 1994. 

I'd always avoided sewing machines (I was a bit scared of them if I'm honest) preferring to sew by hand. But once I realised I could sew clothes for my kids which could be better and more fun and expressive than what was available in the shops, well there was no stopping me. I still have a healthy fear of my machine but I figured that stops me sewing over my fingers and helps me focus.

What has been the favourite clothing piece you've made so far?
My favourite piece is always my latest creation, but I if I was to pick one or two that I've made it would be Polka Top, Girl and Ever Green. 

Polka Top


Ever Green

What has been your fasted selling item?

I'm very luck to be in a position where most of my work sells quite quickly. My designs are released on my Facebook page or blog first and get snapped up straight away. Those that don't sell am listed in my shops (Etsy, Towards the Stars and Bigcartel

What is the future of Enoch & Plonk?

Who knows. I'd love to be able to grow and expand my business, whether that's possible when I make all the dresses on my own and they are all one-of-a-kind. I never wanted to mass produce my work and still don't. I think that's what customers love about what I do. No one else is going to be wearing what you're wearing. At present I create when I can. I have a disabled daughter and a son who is a handful so time is limited. I'm hoping that next year when Ella starts school I will have more time to make. 

What is the biggest struggle you've faced running Enoch & Plonk as a business?

My biggest struggle has been getting exposure. Getting my designs noticed and spreading the word. When you work at home you do tend to be very insular and find it difficult to connect with the 'big world out there' concepts like advertising, and SEO seems very alien. Furthermore taking a huge leap of faith in your abilities financially is terrifying, especially when you have little cash to splash around.  

At the moment I'm spending time improving my blog/website and have redesigned my newsletter which I feel now is suitably 'Enoch & Plonk'. I also spend an awful lot of time on Facebook chatting to 'likers' sharing designs, personal stories and things I've come across which I feel they will enjoy or find interesting. I've tried to be myself and, to use a very annoying phrase 'keep it real' *shudder*.

You can find Nicola's wonderful work on Enoch & Plonk's facebook page, blog, and her designs are for sale here.


Miss Thomas said...

Oh my goodness...is that little old me ???
You've done a super job Erica. Thank you so very much xx

Old New & Out of the Blue said...

Brilliant I love it!!!! So inspiring thankyou :)

Judy C said...

The designs are wonderful. Really talented.

jazzmum said...

Great read! Love the story behind the bizz :)

jazzmum said...

Great read! Love the story behind the bizz :)

Sleekit said...

Oh I love these, if only I had a girl, that said I would wear the Twiggy one myself!

Sleekit x

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Oh they are GOOD! Girly with an edge!!

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