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Thursday, October 25, 2012

You may recall a blog feature written in June, promoting a project called Thrift Store Runway, which is a US based monthly online contest that encourages the idea of thrift fashion.

Thrift Store Runway (TSR) encourages contestants to submit their thrift purchased fashion outfits looks to an online monthly competition. Whilst the project remains a monthly contest, giving away $500 per month (if they receive submissions from 50 or more entrants), TSR have launched a new site to incorporate editorial and multimedia content:

A snap shot of two September winners:

 Matthew won the judge's pick with his Double Breasted Pinstripe suit ensemble
His entire outift cost just $37.46!

NeShanta found her African print dress for just $5.95 in Goodwill

 Matched with blue heels, and a yellow clutch

Are you based in the United States? If so, I'd encourage you to submit your thrifty fashion outfits to Thrift Store Runway, it is free to do so, and you could land yourself a nice monetary prize for your efforts!

Thrift Store Runway is a non-profit initiative, their goal is to promote the value of Thrift, through fashion.



Bundyson said...

I love this idea, I have seen the competition you run on your blog and have started to docment my thrify/charity shop/jumble sale/ carboot sale outfits on my blog in the hope it might inspire more thrify shopping. I have provided a link to my first thrify outfit post below :)

Bex said...

I have a lovely new fashion linky for frugal finds over on my blog . Hope you like it

Stacey said...

This is such a great competition idea - I love seeing the winners! That suit combo for $37 is just awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just recently did an Autumn photo shoot with "Sacks Thrift Avenue Totowa, NJ"
Check it out:

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