Melbourne Op Shop Tour October

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yesterday, 7 op shoppers braved the horrendous Melbourne weather, to discover 6 of the best op shops to be found in the suburbs of Sandringham, Brighton and Hampton, on Melbourne's Bayside Op Shopping Tour.

We were joined by 3 lovely op shoppers all the way from tiny Bridgetown, which has a population of approximately 2,324 (2006 census), and sits 270 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia.

The three Bridgetown friends were on a short trip to Melbourne, and chose to book onto a Melbourne Op Shop Tour as part of their weekend  itinerary. What a fun activity to do together, I'd like to do the same on an interstate trip too.

Whilst the day was not the best walking weather being so frightfully cold and wet, this did not deter our thrifty shoppers.  On our first stop in Sandringham, almost all of our op shoppers walked away with something, most with a bagful of pre-loved. Proof of our success, shown in bags of loot, rested during our lunch stop at our halfway point.

Some happy snaps from the day:

The World of Supreme Persian Carpets Book

:: Wow, just what I've always wanted!?! ::
Proof that you can find a book in absolutely any topic

Designer Gear


Stella McCartney Silk

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Cute Window Displays


Original 1970's Vintage Dresses


At very reasonable prices

1980's Crockery


Pretty Brooches


Pretty Tea Glass Set



:: It appears the men folk in Brighton, like to wear beige slacks? ::

Shoes Fit for The Races


or Shoes for a Boogie at the Disco

Vintage Cook-wear

This delightful pot for $3, came home with me

Yay, Yarn-bombing in Hampton!


And I'll leave you with ..

Wise Words from the Op Shop, in Cross Stitch.


Next Op Shop Tour is Saturday 24th November, which can be booked via Melbourne Op Shop Tours website.



Shel said...

How much was that pretty vintage wedding dress, please??? I'm right now soooo into vintage lacy dreamy wedding dresses...

Unknown said...

Hey Shel, didn't take note of the price, but most items were reasonably priced. Perhaps give them a call? St Andrews Opportunity Shop in Brighton.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Isn't it great the WA visitors managed to squeeze the tour in? That must have felt very special:). No bunnies this time? You certainly know where to find the bargains, I hope to join you one day:)) xoxo

I Love To Op Shop said...

Thanks Erica for yet another lovely op shop packed day :-)

Unknown said...

That looks like a lot of fun Erica. I love the vintage finds.

Laura said...

Looks like it was a fantastic tour, despite the weather!

I Love To Op Shop said...

I should scare Mr Op Shop and tell him I bought the dress!

andrea moore said...

Each and everything is differently styled and great in itself. The best part out of it is The Original 1970's Vintage Dresses.

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