Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You may wonder, why I talk of chemical free cleaning on a fashion related blog? For some, the choice of buying and wearing second-hand fashion, is an ethical decision. Recycled fashion could perhaps be considered one stem of a large umbrella which covers the overall choice of living sustainably.

If one follows an ethical lifestyle, their choices can be many, but are not limited to:

* Consuming homegrown vegetables, herbs and/or fruit
* Shopping for local produce i.e farmers markets
* Leaving the car at home, in favour of public transport, a bike or walking
* Buying second hand fashion to wear
* Buying second hand furniture for the home
* Choosing to buy organic vs non-organic produce
* Ditching plastic, in favour of reusable grocery bags
* Using a reusable coffee cup for take-away hot drinks
* Rejecting chemical infused products for the face and body
* Greening the laundry (see here for 'Recycled Fashion's Guide to a Greener Laundry')
* Following a chemical free cleaning regime in the household

The latter, as part of my own lifestyle choice, has been a relatively recent decision.  Any chemical laden cleaning product has since left the building, and been replaced with good old fashioned bicarb soda, vinegar and eucalyptus oil.  Our household no longer co-exists with a single bottle of window cleaner, or container of bleach.

What I will admit, is the amount of time and elbow grease our family has since put into our cleaning ritual has certainly increased, and lets face it, there are much better things to do with our time, than boring old cleaning.

Image c/o I'm so Vintage

A friend of mine suggested trying ENJO products, and I have to say, after doing so, cleaning the house (or bathroom at least) has definitely become easier, and much, much quicker. 

I have been cleaning my bathroom with ENJO's bathroom glove and microfibre cloth (called the 'miracle').

 Hello ENJO!

Whilst I am not a sales consultant, and cannot tell you exactly why ENJO's products work so well (although you can read a bit more about the science behind them here) they really do work.  I use my glove with hot tap water and nothing else, followed with a wipe clean with the miracle cloth.  Great cleaning results in minimal time with no chemicals, and absolutely no fuss.

It is hard to show you how well ENJO products work via a photograph, I've tried to, but you're probably going to be playing spot the difference here...

 You'll have to take my word for it; sparkly clean, in less than 10 minutes

ENJO's products have revolutionised my bathroom cleaning, so much so, I am considering the investment for further household ENJO cleaning products. I hope you'll agree with me, because I have one complete ENJO bathroom cleaning kit (value AUD 128) to giveaway to one Recycled Fashion reader.

Whilst ENJO products can be found worldwide, this particular giveaway is only open to Australian residents to enter.

To enter, do one or more of the following, each activity entitles you to an entry.  The winner will be drawn at random in a week from now.  Good luck!

*Some readers have indicated they are having difficulty entering via rafflecopter below, if this is the case, please just leave a comment as your entry*
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Anonymous said...

I haven't used these products before, but would like to.

Louise Edwards.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great giveaway! I've never used their products before but I'd love to try them out! Thanks for the opportunity!

Kelly said...

Hi! I can't see your application without logging in and giving it my "basic info" (which I don't like doing, as I don't really trust what companies can do with my info that Facebook gives away), but I'm going to hope that leaving a comment will enter me! I would love to get these.


Armstrong said...

I've used the Enjo car wash mitt - it worked a treat.

Anonymous said...

I have used several enjo products, i would love to win this pack to replace my well used bathroom set.

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