Teaching Recycled Craft Workshops

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've recently taken a new path with Recycled Fashion, teaching recycled craft workshops in and around Melbourne, and let me tell you, its lots of fun.

My last workshop took place at Laneway Learning.  Laneway Learning happens on weekday evenings at The Little Mule cafe in the Melbourne's CBD (Central Business District), hosting cheap, informal, one off classes in all sorts of things, from karate to wine tasting, bee keeping to cryptic crosswords, the basics of Bollywood to drawing monsters.  There is food, coffee, yummy chai, and even beer available throughout each class!

My class last week? Learn to craft a rosette brooch from scrap pieces of fabric.

Fabric scrap rosette brooch


Can you see the basket filled with fabric scraps (below) for class attendees to choose from?  Mixed with an assortment of leftover materials including necktie fabric, cut up pillowcases, to cut up dress sleeves.

 brooch in the making

I borrowed my friends Tonka Tuck pincushion for my class, isn't it the coolest?

It is great to see everyone walk away from the class with their own brooch, in their chosen fabric colours.

The Little Mule Cafe's yummy chai

Creating for oneself is fun, but teaching others to make things with recycled materials, is so much more fulfilling.  They'll be more workshops coming soon at different venues across the city, as I will be teaming up with The Junk Wave to offer recycled craft classes in Melbourne's suburbs.  I'll post details once confirmed here.

Are there any recycled craft workshops in your town?  If so, I'd love to hear more about them.



Style Agent 909 said...

Those rosettes are the cutest things! Will you be giving a demo here on your blog too?
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I've been by yours several times and always enjoy your posts.

Agy said...

Those look lovely, and that pincushion truck is awesome.

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