Sustainable Fashion Label Studio MüCKE

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Established sustainable fashion label, Studio MüCKE, uses reclaimed materials to create their line of handmade womenswear, right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Studo MüCKE 's fashion pieces which caught my attention include second hand man's business shirts restyled as women's tops and dresses. 


Studio MüCKE Shirt Dress

Studio MüCKE Intersection Top

Other products include accessories such as tube scarves made out of reclaimed sweaters, and unique t-shirt scrap necklaces; a clever design I've not seen before:

Studio MüCKE Tube Scarf made from reclaimed jumpers

Studio MüCKE's Head Designer, Ellie, has some taken time out of her busy schedule to talk to Recycled Fashion about her interesting recycled fashion line, and the additional activities Studio MüCKE is involved with.

Can you tell us about Studio MüCKE?
Studio MüCKE was estabished in 2007 to bring together my love of design and the environment.  We create high quality clothing and accessories for women, from reclaimed garments. We set out to be a sustainable business from the outset, so other than using reclaimed materials we have a number of other practices in place to minimise our negative impacts. We save the majority of all our fabric scraps so they can be re-used back into the design process, use a front loading washing machine with eco-store products (we love these guys) and design products with respect the history embedded in the garments. We also hope to educate in two ways. Firstly, through the way we design our garments. This for us means a non-trend focused approach but still a very high-quality design outcome that is often interactive and challenges the people who consume the pieces to engage and think. And secondly, through our exhibition practice and teaching. Our goal for the future of the business is to grow holistically (and yes, slowly!) bettering our practices with every step.  

What inspired you to start your business?
A love of design, the environment and making things is what drove me to start studio MüCKE. But it was also the frustration with an unsustainable fashion industry that made me realise I had to create my own opportunities if I wanted to pursue a career in the industry that would make me happy.  

Where do you obtain your recycled materials from to produce your work?

Mostly we source materials from op shops or secondhand. Sometimes people give us items too. And we’re happy to take private customers, working with an old shirt you’ve been hanging onto and transforming it into a personal customisation. 

I notice you offer workshops, can you tell us a little more about the classes you teach? 
Usually this is through a festival, as part of an exhibition or within a school. The workshops vary from teaching people how to use old t-shirts to make into accessories to transforming an old shirt into our signature MüCKE shirtDRESS.  

What would you say are your best selling pieces that sell in your online shop?
Our best selling pieces are definitely the MüCKE shirtDRESS and shirtTOP, made from a man’s business shirt.  We’ve been making these since we started the business and they define what out business is all about.  They are a flattering fit and great for a multitude of occasions from the beach to the high street or a wedding.

Studio Mucke ShirtTOP

 Studio Mucke Red Shirt Dress

I like the way Studio MüCKE's shirt tops and dress designs are reversed, with the back of the original shirt, becoming the front of the new garment, and the old sleeves are used as a tie at the back of each piece.  One of my own shirt refashions (seen here) involved using the shirt sleeves as ties around the back.  Using the collar as a halterneck I find really clever.

Thank you for your time Ellie, and all the best for Studio MüCKE!

Studio MüCKE can be found on facebook, they have a blog, and of course, their own website.

Disclaimer; the review and opinion provided in this blog post is unbiased and unpaid

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Its great to see sustainable fashion label Studio Mucke. I think that their style is very trendy and cool. I know that many ladies would be interested to try them.

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