Recycled and Repurposed Jewellery Ideas

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jewellery reaches a point when in its life when it's either unwanted or broken. What should we do with such pieces?  You can sell scrap jewellery to a platinum buyer or gold buyer, which would certainly help you get some spare cash, but what could we do with broken custom and vintage jewellery pieces, that may not be worth their weight?

Here are some recycle and re-purpose DIY ideas, when a glue gun would certainly come in handy!

Monogrammed letters decorated with broken jewellery

Image source

Bling Bird Decorated with Broken Jewellery and Souvenir Spoons

Image source

Jewellery Tree

Image source

Broken Jewellery Made Into A New Necklace

Image source

Image source

Matchbox Turned Vintage Inspired Earring Box 

 using broken jewellery, paper, glitter and sequins, 
Image source and tutorial here

Vintage Jewellery Mirror

Image source

Vintage Upcycled Brooch

Image source

Broken Jewellery Become Statement Rings

 Image source

Vintage Jewellery Inspired Cuff

 Image source

Vintage Custom Jewellery Bridal Bouquet

 What do you do with your unwanted, or broken jewels? 



chocolatetrudi said...

I keep an eye out in op shops for pair-less earrings to use as mobile phone or bag charms, or as spine decorations in bookbinding.

You're near Mitcham, aren't you? Or at least, your op shop tours take in Mitcham, don't they? Do you have any idea what's going on with the Me, Myself and I recycled fashion shop near the station? Looks interesting from outside, but there's no opening date or hours on display. I was peering through the windows the other day and a man came up and told me he's dying to look inside but has never seen it open.

Eve said...

Fantastic ideas, very inspiring! I love the rings.

x Eve

Bundyson said...

I love this, I recently wrote about brooch bouquets in my blog. I think they are such a great alternative to flowers and you can achieve some stunning results - I have included the link to my post below if you are interested in seeing the pretty pictures :) I love the Monogrammed letters decorated with broken jewellery in your post as in my travels I have not seen this before :)

Patti said...

Beautiful, I love all the re-do's of jewelry. The match-box earring holder is my favorite, I think!

thorne garnet said...

never toss out broken jewelry or old hats. Both can be turned into new stuff. The photo of the mirror has me planning on firing up the hot glue gun. Awesome idea!

Corina said...

I love the bridal bouquet. I never would have thought of that in a million years.

Unknown said...

@chocolatetrudi I only run the Bayside op shop tour, don't know much about Mitcham but will see if I can find out for you

Helga said...

Brillance! I'm inspired! I know I have some broken bits tucked away....

liz said...

whoa, love the mirror!! i need to stop myself from hoarding old jewelry now...along with my bags of fabric, thrifted stuff, and other unfinished crafty projects..

Craftcherry said...

I've always loved those bouquets. It's a pity I first discovered them after my wedding...guess we'll just have to renew our vows someday!

Miki is Miki said...

I love the broach & the bird!!!
Fantastic!! <3

Claire Justine said...

These are great,love them all :)

JACLYN said...

Wow, gorgeous stuff!

Unknown said...

That 'bouquet' is amazing!

Unknown said...

I love the tree, the mirror and the wedding bouquet and would love instructions on how to make them.

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