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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lemon frocks graced The Emmy's 2012's red carpet last week, as yellow proved a popular choice with four prominent female celebrities.

Julianne Moore , Kaley Cuoco, Claire Danes and Hannah Simone 
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Whilst yellow is thought of as a happy and cheery colour, it can be difficult to wear.  Some individuals can wear yellow particularly well, the entire Pinkett-Smith family prove this by wearing bright lemon on different occasions here, here, and here

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Paler skinned folk such as I, may struggle to pull off yellow without it looking too garish or washed out.  When I fumble through my own wardrobe, I can see that it consists of only three (pale) yellow pieces.  This shirt,  a pair of flares, and this cardigan. I must admit, I don't wear them too often, but when I do, it is usually to brighten an otherwise dull day. 

For those that do love to wear yellow, below is a selection of lemon, mustard, and golden recycled, pre-loved garment goodness, found on the web:

80's Golden Yellow Pumps

 80's Military Mustard Yellow Dress

Yellow Faux Leather Jacket

 from vincent1731 on ebay

1970's Canary Yellow Long Sleeve Dress

Flea Hoodie made from Recycled Hospital Sheets

by Finnish company Tauko seen on ecouterre

Recycled Vinyl Ring

 by OverIt on Recycled Market

Hand Dyed Dip-Dye Sunset Shorts

 Reclaimed Skateboard Earrings

by Mukee

 Bright Yellow Doc Martens

seen here (unknown if still for sale)

Floral Vintage Dress

seen on seesaw (not for sale, sadly)

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

found on weddingbeepro

Do you dare to wear yellow?



thorne garnet said...

yellow make me look sick. I never wear it. I thought those dresses were ugly.

Unknown said...

Fair point @thorne garnet. Yellow is definitely not for everyone.

I Love To Op Shop said...

I think I have a girl crush on Julianne Moore, I think she is sooo pretty!!

Love the military mustard dress.

I think yellow only suits me when I have a bit of colour which is normally for five days at the end of summer!! Great collection here though :-)

Charlie said...

Yellow is sublime! I am inspired. I will be searching for yellow on the next trip to the op shop or Savers. I love the right yellow with grey and a bit of white. Very Austrian royalty.

MooBear Designs said...

Check out those yellow Dr. M oh my... And big hugs for featuring my Vinyl Ring. When they go to market they steal all the attention!

Xo Steph

Patti said...

I don't wear yellow next to my face - but I adore those Docs! And the vintage dresses, while not just right for me, are adorable.

Unknown said...

Those dresses are stunning and I love those earrings. Loving the yellow. I do have a yellow vintage summer dress that comes out from time to time.

AdinB said...

I love the vintage dresses for sure. I am not so sure about my closet, but I might have few that yellow. Time to go thrift shopping and look for some mustard yellow clothes and florals, and animal prints, and more. LOL!

Stacey said...

I absolutely adore yellow! I used to avoid wearing it because I thought it made me look sick, but it's just a matter of finding the right shade! Mustard yellow & bright, sunflower type yellow seem to work really well for me, but pastel yellow doesn't.

Unknown said...

I love yellow. And I'm glad people have started wearing yellow again. For a long time I was told yellow was a no no because it makes your skin look a weird color. I would just say whatever, I look fabulous in yellow and it is one of my favorite colors.

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