Adding a Textile Pocket to a Plain Tee

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A trend in clothing pieces with brightly coloured textile pockets added to shirts, t-shirts, jeans and denim shorts, began gracing the streets of the fashion world when global fabric became the seasons must haves a few years ago.

Labelled 'tribal' or 'ethnic' fashion, the focus in ethnicity appears to filter between Navajo to Ikat, Southwestern to Aztec, but the trend itself is far from over, with cultural patterns and colourful textiles crafted into many a fashion outfit on the streets of the Western World.

Whilst I do not consider myself a follower of fashion per se, this particular trend is one that I am fond of.  Brightly coloured abstract textiles in our clothes and accessories, introduce a touch of worldliness and mystery of far away places that we'd all like to explore.  (This skirt refashion explores that)

Sewing a colourful textile pocket to a simple garment, such as a plain tee, or a pair of jeans is so easy to do yourself, it could be done by hand with a needle and thread, although it would be quicker if you do have access to a sewing machine.

Example of ready-to-buy pieces:

 Seen on ASOS marketplace

 Aztec Navajo Southwestern Print Pocket Handmade Denim Shorts

 Seen on

 Tribal pocket tee

Seen on

Green tribal pocket sweatshirt

 seen on etsy by caseykaui

 Denim shirt with tribal print pocket

Seen on

Whilst not Ikat or Navajo, I do have some Hmong fabric which I have used for this DIY pocket refashion project. You may remember I used remnants from my Vietnamese shirt refashion, to add a strip to this bag.  All I had left after the bag restyle, was one lonesome pocket, without a home.

I found a plain 3/4 sleeve tee from my local op shop, half price (thanks to changeover season sale) for a bargain price of $1.75.

The fit was not ideal so I removed both sleeves, and used 'The Mummy' dress form to refit to my shape, using safety pins to pin to the appropriate size.

On re-attaching both sleeves, I've simply pinned and machine stitched the lonesome pocket in place, but placed it on the bottom of the top, rather than create a breast pocket, which, I believe would have been too much.

1 thirfted shirt = three projects, total cost for all three projects $4.25.

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agy said...

A nice pop of colour!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I've really liked your recent projects like this, the bag was gorgeous and this t-shirt looks great too. I'm quite up for giving the shorts a try too, like the ones you've shown above.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

What a great idea! I've got a plain shirt that just needs this kind of treatment.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Christina - Mums Helping Mums PND Support Network said...

What a good idea! I have a plain top I love, was thinking of adding some bling and might have to try the pocket idea :-)

Wilson said...

I like all plain pocket tee very fantastic style watch on website then I decided in my college event to use pocket tee and enjoy have a nice day!

AdinB said...

Cool idea! I have thrifted a Navajo belt though which I was so excited about. :) I want to find me some fabrics and hoping I can do my own DIY as well. Thanks for sharing! I love those chambray shirt with the DIYed pockets.

Unknown said...

Love it. Will have to try this one.

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