Reuse and Recycle Silicone Charity Bands

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Always good to get a question from a follower, Charlene, via facebook ..

"Do you have any ideas what I can do with a whole bunch of those rubber charity wristbands?"

Charlene co-ordinates an opportunity shop in Bendigo.  This particular shop, receives far too many donated, unwanted silicone charity wristbands.

Do you know readers, that silicone charity bands have been in existence for 8 years?  The original yellow LIVESTRONG wristband, introduced in May 2004 by cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, as a fundraising item for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, have now sold 80 million to date. * wikipedia

After the success of LIVESTRONG bracelet sales and popularity, other charities followed suit, with silicone bracelets now found in a rainbow of colours, and sentiments worn on wrists all over the world.

Image c/o Ross Campbell

So what are we to do with charity bands that people decide not to wear anymore?  Ones that are donated to opportunity shops or thrift stores?

My initial thought would be to decorate them with leftover fabric, similar to my plastic bottle cuffs.  This would be a great activity to do with youngsters.

This bracelet is made with a plastic bottle as the base, 
but could be replicated using silicone charity bands instead.

I've found a similar idea from Blue Cricket Design here..

Other ways silicone bracelets could be re-used, as seen in the comments section of an article found on

* Use to open jars
* Flip them over and write the name of your child to identify their drink bottles at childcare, kinder or school
* Wrap around tools for extra grip
* Use to keep lids on boxes
* Use to secure electrical wires

Readers, do you have any additional ideas of how to re-use silicone charity bracelets?   Do you see many charitable wrist bands for sale during your thrift shopping adventures?



Jennylou said...

This is such a great idea!

Sage said...

Fun. You should submit this to the Up-cyce photo contest.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sage, I would do, but noticed the competition is only open to US residents

Soulchick said...

Great ideas but I have 200 bands I need to get rid of :-(

Unknown said...

Louise - you have plenty there to make a door curtain (like a bead curtain). Simply tie them together with other brightly coloured craft strings.

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