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Thursday, August 16, 2012

From charity t-shirts including the globally recognised Panda motif representing the World Wildlife Fund, through to 1980's American wildlife sweaters, and a recent trend in horse print dresses, animal motif clothing pieces have been seen frequently in fashion trends over the past few decades, with a rise in popularity over the past year.

Isn't this Brazilian World Wildlife Fund ad the cutest?

(shame about the typo) seen here

Liv Tyler in Givency's Rottweiler Menswear T-shirt, 2011

as seen on

Owl Motif Clothing in Burberry Collection 2012

as seen on fashionlovechild

Buying some new animal t-shirts can support world recognised wildlife charities, however, when it comes to non-charitable animal motif clothing, there many opportunities to seek out second hand clothing, recycled accessories, or in some instances as seen below, redesigning your animalia fashion outfits..

Refashioned Panda World Wildlife Fund Top

made by smarmy-clothes as seen on deviantart

Black Mystical Wolf Sweater

  available through British vintage fashion retailer Rokit

Tiger Sweater Size L

Awesome Tiger Sweatshirt - L
by Great White Vintage on etsy

Jams World 80s / 90s Animal Print Dress

available through PaperSunVintage on etsy

Primitive Animal Print Dress

primitive animal print dress M / red cascade shirtdress
available through OmniaVTG on etsy

1980's Cat T-shirt Dress

1980s Tshirt Dress / Vintage Cat Tee Dress / large 
available from SnapVintage on etsy

DIY Hand Stamped Pony Dress

Before after
by Angela of Paper Sparrow, previously featured on Recycled Fashion here

Refashioned Ruffle T-shirt Dress

All smiles :)
as seen on Happy Together, Jessica added a simple ruffle to a Zebra T-Shirt, 
which becomes a dress for her daughter

Handmade Elephant Dress

SylviePops created her own elephant dress from a maxi dress that didn't fit

70's Jungle Fabric Purse

made by audreyscat on etsy

Eco-friendly Ethical Messenger Upcycled Cement Sack Elephant Bag

Available through Craftworks Cambodia on Recycled Market

Recycled Metal Elephant Necklace

made using recycled, scrap, and discarded materials by AsianBrocade

Bilby Necklace

 made from recycled cutlery and a childhood toy by Greg Mann Jewellery

Are you a fan of animal motif clothing?



Laura said...

I love animal motifs! I actually have the cutest bull dog image I cut off an old singlet in order to sew it onto a new one – it was just too cute to give to an op-shop!

Unknown said...

Oh Laura, I love bulldogs, what a great idea

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Thanks for the intro to Recycled Market - I see lots of wonderful things there, esp the elephant bag!

Unknown said...

These are great. Loving them all.

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

I'm not a fan of wearing plain tee with animal picture on it, but the WWF top with lace is cute! I wish they will make more fashionable tees or top to sell.

Visit me:
LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Nice animal theme clothes.

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