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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Readers, do you remember a skirt I made last year, out of a beautiful bird printed bed sheet I purchased from Savers? If not, here it is..

With the leftover fabric, I made my Mother a blouse using the free Sorbetto pattern, with my own self drafted sleeves.  I sent it to her last December, and to be honest, I'd forgotten I'd made it!  Well, my Dad emailed a photograph last week, of Mum wearing her blouse, and hey I think it really suits her, particularly with her linen trousers.

Interesting that both of us chose to wear the same fabric with white!

A funny story; last week at my 'Upcycle Your Clothes' talk, an audience member came over to tell me at the end of my presentation, that she has that exact same bed sheet in her linen cupboard, and that she'll look at it differently now!



Anonymous said...

OH! Yall look adorable..Love the skirt,and blouse

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

That's a great story about the lady in the audience:). You and your mum look glorious in those colours! Once the weather warms up I can start wearing the beautiful bird top you made me once again:). xo

Agy said...

I love both of them!!

nicole said...

what a fabulous story :D
and thanks for the compliment on my dress, it's super special as i bought it online and when it arrived it didn't fit! not even close. a few weeks of healthy eating and fighting a cold and now it does :D

Something Else said...


Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Love this! Your mom looks wonderful in the blouse you made for her.

AdinB said...

That's really funny that she has the exact same sheet. How about that! And you did great making the skirt and top for your mom. I love that she paired it with her linen pants. I want me a white linen pants as well. :) Adorable!

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